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Tame the Tigers!

Can Auburn slow down LSU?
Auburn at LSU, Open Thread

     War Eagle, everybody! It's a Saturday gameday once again! Today, the Auburn Tigers take on the LSU Tigers in Baton Rouge. It's a test of monumental proportions for this young team, as LSU is ranked number one in the land, and with good reason. Today's game will be nationally televised on CBS, at 2:30 PM central time.

     Back in Alabama, some of us have flirted with the first frost of the season the past two mornings, but the players won't have to deal with that in Louisiana. It should be another case of severe clear for this game, with temps around 75 degrees. It will be perfect shirt-sleeve football weather.

     We'll be here all day with updates, commentary and fun. As always, feel free to stop by and celebrate! Let's go, Auburn! Beat LSU!