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Rebel Bear Hunt on the Plains!

Another dusk kickoff awaits.
Auburn vs. Ole Miss, open thread.


     War Eagle, everybody! It's gameday once again, the last in October of 2011. Tonight, the Auburn Tigers host the Ole Miss Rebels in a 6:00 PM Central game at Jordan Hare Stadium. The game will be televised only on ESPN-U, so be sure to have fresh batteries for your cable box remote.


     This one should finally feel like a fall game. The forecast is calling for a temperature in the upper 50s at kickoff, with a 10 MPH breeze. After sunset, the mercury should fall to the upper 40s. The sky should be mostly clear toward the afternoon. Folks in the east stands, and on the Ole Miss bench should be able to see a sabered crescent moon low in the western sky, just after sunset. Perhaps it's an omen regarding the Sword of Damocles hanging over Rebel coach Houston Nutt...


     As always, feel free to chime in and enjoy on this thread. I'll be in from time to time this morning, but tonight I'll be at the game, yelling and screaming "War Eagle!" Let's go, Tigers! Beat the Rebels!