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Smoke the Razorbacks!

We'll be in Fayetteville in Spirit!


     War Eagle, everybody! The month of October continues with a tough Auburn matchup with the Arkansas Razorbacks. This game will be played in the remote reaches of the SEC, in Fayetteville. It should be another great day for football. Right now in the Ozarks, it's a sunny 65 degrees, with an extreme case of severe clear. By gametime this evening, a few clouds might roll in from a Rocky Mountain storm system, but the chance of rain is very slight. When this game kicks off around 6:00 PM, it should be right around 80 degrees, with a waxing gibbous moon rising over the stadium.


     I look for a lot of scoring in this nationally televised ESPN matchup. Neither team has played good defense for most of the season, and the Razorback field is a speed turf. Can the Tiger defense slow down the prolific Arkansas aerial attack? We'll find out tonight!


     We'll be here with our usual histrionics, cheering our Tigers on. As always, feel free to join in the fun! War Eagle! Let's beat Arkansas!