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Friday Ramblings - God Help The Children


“I’ve got my hands full trying to score points against Georgia and that’s my only focus" -Gus Malzahn

Round and round we go...

Is it me? Does it seem to you that the coaching carousel starts earlier every year? Auburn's Offensive Coordinator has already had his name thrown into the mix, as Jay mentioned, and we still have three games left this season, plus a Bowl game to get ready for.

In all honesty, we know we are not going to have Gus with us for all eternity. He is going to leave Auburn at some point, I just want to see him go where he has a good chance to play against Auburn, in a Bowl game. Definitely not in the regular season.

Trovon Reed...

Maybe I missed that game, or need to get a checkup. Did anyone see where Trovon Reed has made any real impact on Auburn's offensive performance this season? "Cause I sure haven't noticed it. Maybe one of you would be kind enough to explain to me the media's thoughts on just how his return gives Auburn a boost.

Or, is that a secret weapon waiting to be pulled out of the box, against UGA and Bama? Here is to hoping Trovon proves me inattentive.

Comment of the week...

It's actually a part of his comment. The words were never more true.

And, the winner is....

WDE 1988

You have to choose sides at birth. And in some cases… it’s decided earlier than that… it’s pre-ordained.

I think we should all take a step away from this and celebrate who we are.

I am not, nor will I ever be ashamed of my State or my heritage. It’s part of who I am… and for an outsider who thinks this film encapsulates the essence of Alabama or it’s interstate Civil War… my advice would be to walk a mile in my shoes before you smugly think you understand. And maybe in 4-5 years… you too might truly understand what the rest of us refer to as the Iron Bowl.

War Damn Eagle

In his comments about the ESPN show titled R*** T***/WAR EAGLE

Society, the natural order of things...

It has been said, that in every society there is a structure. Whether it's an aboriginal tribe, or our great country, structure exists. There are leaders, and organizers. There are the teachers. Then, there are those more capable than others, whose sole purpose is to keep our society in a comfortable state of existence. They are the fighters. Soldiers if you will.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Takeo Spikes is a fighter! I am proud he is on our side.

GOD help the children...

Here is my take on the Penn State situation as I know it right now.

There are an awful lot of good Penn State alumni that are hurting. There are a lot of parents questioning whether or not to let their kids go to school there.

There are more fingers being pointed at Sandusky than anyone imagined. Now we are asking "How many victims will come forward", instead of "How could this happen?".

There are many thousands of people that don't watch college football asking "If the business of college football meant more than the welfare of those kids?"

I do know this. If my son were a victim of that sick ^#@%&*%. I'd make him a Spike80DF cocktail, and watch him suffer.

Auburn vs. Georgia...

As Aubtigerman noted earlier this week, it's time for the "Oldest Rivalry in the South".

Georgia welcomes our Tigers with anticipation, and an excitement, not felt in several years to the Bulldog faithful. UGA has enjoyed a comfortable scoring average over their opponents, allowing only 19.9 per game, all the while averaging nearly 35 themselves.

While "special teams" is not an entirely accurate way to describe the Dawgs kicking game units, their defense has been especially good at keeping teams out of the red zone. However, if Auburn gets into the red zone, they will have to take full advantage of the trip.

A Field Goal may well win this game, but it aint the only way points will be scored. This promises to be a close hard fought game with the winner coming out looking at an opportunity for better Bowl Game positioning.

My heart wants to pick Auburn, but reasoning leaves too much doubt as to that outcome. Because I just can't bring myself to go against my Tigers...

Auburn 41

Georgia 40

In regulation.