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Stay The Course...

I have read many comments on the web since the loss yesterday to UGA. I am not happy with a bunch of them. So, before Acid get's his head together for the Acid Reign Report, let's look at some scenario's that some are calling for, before season's end.

First, I have heard all season long, IS to allow Frazier to take over at QB. The reasoning is that it would only help him in the future. After the UGA game this line of thought has resurfaced again with a vengeance. I don't see this as a cure for what is wrong with Auburn at the QB position. Too many bad habits can develop from an untrained rookie, taking charge, before he is even mechanically ready. It's clearly evident Frazier is not ready for the big time yet, and throwing him in now, would be disastrous for his career. Besides, after watching the offensive line miss blocks, and the Running Backs whiff on their blocks, Brett Favre would have trouble doing any good.

Clint Moseley has shown us, that if he is given a little time, he can be effective. The QB position, is not where our problems lay.

What would amount to throwing Frazier to the wolves, would only do two things. One it would let the team know, the coaches have give up on the rest of this season. The other, if something bad happened, and Frazier got injured, the team would have no confidence in either Trotter or Moseley. Neither of those scenarios would be acceptable to me. Only way I support this move, is if Kiehl Frazier was playing fantastically, and throwing just as well. I have evidence that neither one of those is happening right now. Let Frazier develop.

Second, I have heard "Fire this coach, or that coach needs to go". History shows us that coaching changes, during the season, are the acts of desperate men. Remember the Tony Franklin experiment? Do we really want to tread those waters again? I say no!

Number one, Auburn isn't in a desperate situation right now. Like it or not, our Tigers have already beaten the odds makers, prognosticators, and media-know-it-all types just by becoming Bowl eligible. Many of those pundits expected at best Auburn might beat Ol Miss in the SEC portion of our schedule. We have been constant underdogs in every game we played in.

I know many of you have an opinion on these things, so let's hear 'em, while we wait patiently for Acid's report.