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An SEC Legend Has Passed Away

Larry Munson, the long time voice of  Georgia football passed away Sunday night.
Larry Munson, the long time voice of Georgia football passed away Sunday night.

There is sad news coming out of Athens, Georgia today. The long time legendary voice of the Georgia Bulldogs, Larry Munson has succumbed to a battle with pneumonia, he was 89.

Larry Munson was and still is the most revered radio announcer in the history of the Bulldog nation. His distinctive gravely voice called the play-by-play for Georgia's football teams from 1966-2008.

He provided hundreds of memorable calls in his 42 years of calling Georgia games. And even though I am an Auburn fan, I have to confess that I often tuned into the Bulldog radio Network just to hear Munson.

It was more than his voice that endured him to the red and black faithful. Munson had a unique ability to paint word pictures that both depicted what he was watching and come through in the most homer-istic way - traits that made his voice synonymous with Georgia Football as well as Southern Football in general.

He was gifted in such away that made fans lean in toward the radio and feel like they were actually in the stands viewing the game. I will never forget pulling my car over and listening as he gave his famous "Lindsey Scott, Lindsey Scott, Lindsey Scott" call when Georgia beat Florida in 1980. A very fitting and eloquent tribute is posted at our SB Nation sister site, Dawg Sports.

I still remember the sadness that swept over me when Auburn's Legendary announcer Jim Fyffe passed away on May 15, 2003. I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach.

No words can ever alleviate the hurt and the grief that are felt at moments like this. But we here at Track 'Em Tigers send our thoughts and prayers to the Bulldog Nation for the loss of one of their treasured icons.

Larry Munson was more than a Bulldog treasure though, he was more than an icon, he was an SEC institution and there will never be another one like him.