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Looking Forward - Changes Ahead?


It's hard thinking about this. "It's just a game" doesn't make me feel any better. "Wait until next year" doesn't take away the sting. This loss just hurts. In so many different times in the game, I saw flashes of greatness from our Tigers. I saw actual pass protection a few times. We failed to convert on most of those opportunities, but they were there.

I saw defensive adjustments in the second half, that gave us a chance to win. That's right, we had a chance to win. I'll say it over and over. Acid's grades should prove me right, when they come out later today. We had that chance and blew it.

Special teams, and defensively we played good enough to win. Yes Alabama ran the ball on our tired defensive units. Yes, their Tight End kept making plays that hurt us, at critical times in drives. But defensively, we played good enough to win, had there been any help from the offense.

Not to take away from Bama's defensive performance, but we failed to execute on a championship level again when we had the ball. There were times when plays weren't sent in, and there were times when plays were called, and the "packages", or personnel, were not on the field fast enough to keep the momentum. Will that change by Bowl game time?

I am looking forward to the maturation of this team, and what changes will be made. Yes, I believe that change is coming. I heard it in Chizik's voice yesterday, loud and clear.

We can discuss yesterday's game when Acid posts his review, what I want to know is, what are your thoughts going forward?