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Living A Dream - Righting A Wrong


Auburn's Soccer squad started it's season off with a 9-3 run, included in that effort was a victory over the 5th ranked Duke Blue Devils. Duke currently sits at the top spot in the rankings.

Them something went wrong, and the wheels started coming off. Getting thru the SEC schedule without much success landed the Lady Tigers in the 7th seed of the SEC Championship tournament in Orange Beach, Alabama.

So the ladies went about tournament play motivated in that lower tier seeding, and set out to "right a wrong", that they brought upon themselves.

Using the seeding as motivation, the Ladies have peeled off two great wins, one against LSU beating them 3-0, and 23rd ranked Tennessee went down last night 2-0. Auburn now faces Florida who defeated Alabama in the other semi final match.

The championship match will be Sunday, so if you are in the area, get on over to Orange Beach and support those Tigers.