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Ole Miss Shows Houston Nutt The Door

Multiple media outlets have been reporting for the last couple days that Houston Nutt would be fired after the Rebels 30- 13 loss to Kentucky Saturday. Today the University held a press conference to announce the end of Nutt's tenure at Ole Miss.

Before coming to Ole Miss, Nutt coached 10 years at his alma mater Arkansas and was the school's second win ningest coach behind legendary Razorback Coach Frank Broyles. On November 23, 2007 he led the Hogs in one of their greatest victories over eventual national champion LSU in a three overtime 50-48 win in Baton Rouge.

However, his program had been mired in controversery for over a year and he resigned three days later. Four days after the big win over LSU he was hired as the new head coach at Ole Miss. He has an overall coaching record of 135 - 93 but is a dismal 24 - 23 in Oxford including 2 - 7 and 0- 6 in SEC play this year.

Athletic Director Pete Boone said that he will also step down at the end of the season and that Nutt will be allowed to finish out the year. Gus Malzahn's name is already being mentioned as a possible replacement.

If Ole Miss does come calling, hopefully Auburn's Offensive Coordinator is wise enough not to take the job. Ole Miss is one of those places were the resources are not up to par with the top of the SEC but the expectations are.

Stay put Gus, we not only love you here in Auburn ... you can do much better.