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Paterno Should Go Now

Talk about a strange week of college football. As is typical these days, most of the headlines involve things happening away from the football field. We should all be accustomed to it by now. The Auburn-Georgia game has literally been pushed to page three of the sports section.

Here are my thoughts on some of the headlines. I'd love to hear what you think...

UPDATE: 10:00PM EST. Paterno and President Graham Spanier Out Immediately!


By now, we all have an opinion on the terrible tragedy at Penn State. What's important to remember is that Joe Paterno is not the victim. It makes me sick when I hear people concerned about the effect it will have on his legacy. That's his problem.

He should have thought of that before deciding not to call authorities upon hearing that a former employee was molesting a child in his athletic building. The idea that he allowed former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky to remain a part of the program and use athletic department facilities for years following the incident, tells me all I need to know about the 84 year-old coach.

I really don't care that Paterno has forever tarnished his reputation. I'm much more concerned about the children - who are now young adults - that must deal with this for the rest of their lives.

The idea that Penn State University is allowing Paterno to finish out the season and "retire" is criminal. He should pack his office and spend the rest of his days trying to make amends for not acting. He will forever be a phony in my book.

Neither Auburn nor Alabama should be smiling following last night's airing of the ESPN documentary, Roll Tide/War Eagle. It was hardly a Valentine to either program. The biggest joke of all was Paul Finebaum portraying himself as an amused outsider who just facilitates conversation. He's more responsible for riling up the idiots on both sides than anyone else.

Arguably, Alabama looked worst of all. Giving tree killer and all-around moron, Harvey Updyke so much airtime just made the Alabama program look really bad. And what about Gay Talese? I cringed for my Alabama friends when they interviewed that odd bird.

There wasn't a lot of new ground broken, but I assume the intent was more to give the nation a look inside the rivalry, which it did. One final thought: Takeo Spikes may be the most intimating dude I've ever seen in my life.

The talk is already heating up about Gus Malzahn and the open Ole Miss job. I would be shocked if he wasn't interviewed; but it's hardly a foregone conclusion that he's headed to Oxford.

Former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach has publicly expressed interest in the job. I know Leach is an acquired taste, but I happen to like him a lot. I've enjoyed listening to his daily radio program on Sirius/XM and just finished reading his new book.

I have no doubt he was railroaded by the Texas Tech administration. It would be fascinating to see how his offense would operate in the SEC.

The Ole Miss job is a tough one to get your hands around. Situated so close to Tennessee and Arkansas, not to mention Alabama, you would think they would have more success. All you hear about is the tailgating at The Grove. Yet once the game kicks off, the stadium is never full - no matter who the opponent.

If Eli Manning and David Cutcliffe were unable to sustain success, then I'm not sure anyone can. By Malzahn's way of thinking, it's got to be better than Vanderbilt.

Speaking of Texas Tech, at what point does former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville start feeling some heat in Lubbock? After starting 4-0, the Red Raiders have dropped four of its last five games, with the only win coming against top-ranked Oklahoma. Things don't get any easier on Saturday when they welcome second-ranked Oklahoma State.

As much as we enjoyed Alabama's loss to LSU last Saturday, I still believe the chances are better than average that Alabama finds its way back into the BCS Championship. Stanford sits a 3 ½ point favorite at home against Oregon this Saturday. A win and the Cardinal jumps Alabama. However, I like Oregon in the game.

Who really believes that Bob Stoops and Oklahoma will lose twice on the road this season? I just don't see them falling to Oklahoma State on December 3rd.  And who knows about Arkansas and LSU? Auburn could be the only one standing in Alabama's way to another BCS title appearance.

Here's a question for you? Should Georgia's Mark Richt lose to Auburn on Saturday and then to Georgia Tech in the season finale, does he keep his job? Remember, Georgia is a 13-point favorite at home against Auburn.