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Another Updyker Exposed

It's amazing how some people can hate and how their hate can make them do things that defy all sense of decency. It's also amazing how their hate can affect people they have never even met.

I speak of the recent posting on You Tube, of a video of former Auburn Offensive Coordinator Gus Malzahn's wife's interview on an Arkansas Religious TV program. It was evident that the tape had been chopped up and edited to portray the woman in the worst possible light.

Several published reports have given the video credit for almost destroying Gus Malzahn's coaching career. Apparently Malzahn as well, believes that it played a major role in his being passed over for the head coaching jobs at North Carolina and Kansas.

No one knew who was behind this cowardly act directed at attacking Coach Malzahn's wife ... until today when the guy was exposed by Birmingham News journalist Kevin Scarbinski. He identified him as John Phillips, a sports agent, attorney, and radio host who not coincidently is also an Alabama alumnus. Who would have guessed?

Let me be very frank here, this piece is not written as an indictment of Alabama fans. I have plenty of close Bama friends that are good people and would never approve of such action. This article is about behavior of one individual who took it upon himself to defame another man's wife.

One can argue that Mrs. Malzahn should not have done the interview to begin with and they would be right. But although coaches are open to public scrutiny, propriety and common decency says that wives and children are off limits. Period!

To quote Scarbinsky,

"Sports agent John Phillips of the Breakthrough Sports Agency acknowledged ... that he put together the edited version that appeared on You Tube. Phillips earned his undergraduate and law degrees at Alabama."

"I made a parody video that went viral," Phillips said by text. "Mrs. Malzahn's interview speaks for itself. It's bananas. I am not in the business of making enemies out of coaches and meant no ill will."

That response sounds eerily similar to Harvey Updyke, when he was exposed. Like Harvey, he tried to hide from the truth of his act of hatred. Then when he became outed he denied any wrong doing or "ill will." If the video speaks for itself then why did Mr. Phillips edit it and put it on the web?

He did it because he hates Auburn University and like Updyke he sought to hurt and embarrass Auburn.

The only difference between this guy and Harvey is that he is suppose to be an educated professional. But the truth is they are both haters seeking to spew out their hatred via poison.

Harvey poisoned trees or some "things" that represent Auburn. Phillips poisoned some "one's" career that (at the time) represented Auburn.

The video would have never had the same effect had he not wanted to embarrass Auburn and therefore edited it to make her look bad.

A Google search of Mr. Phillips reveals he has made a living suing others. Too bad Gus Malzahn has too much class and decency to sue him.