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Friday Ramblings - Carousel Edition

Sakerlina troubles...

In case you didn't hear this earlier this year over the groans of Auburn fans worried about their own football team, The University of South Carolina has been under NCAA scrutiny, for alleged improprieties in their travel arrangements. Well, alleged is no more the term to use.

"The university does not contest the allegations" by the NCAA, said the second sentence of South Carolina's 111-page response.

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According to the AP report, USCe will self-impose a 6 scholarship reduction over the next three years, and pay a $55,000.00 fine.

Todd Graham is not who I want my kid's playing for....

Yesterday, the news broke of Todd Graham taking the head coaching job at Arizona State. Now, mind you, I don't think the ASU gig is a bad one. Frankly I don't really blame Graham for taking this job. It's the manner in which he left, and that his track record speaks volumes about his reliability.

When Graham decided he would jump ship, and leave Pitt in a lurch, he decided to text his then former players. That's right, text them. I get that it's the time of year that not all players are on campus, but geesh! TEXT?!? Just how this went over with the current players at Pitt was really easy to predict.

Adam Lazenga, a Pitt linebacker, expressed his dismay on Twitter: "All I can say is wow..Talk about committed hahah." Other Pitt players vented throughout the afternoon on Twitter, with receiver Devin Street referring to Graham as a "liar."

Defensive Coordinator search...

Vic Koenning has emerged as a potentially viable candidate for the DC position at Auburn, here is what wiki says about him.

‘In 2005 Koenning became defensive coordinator for the Clemson Tigers. Clemson ranked in the top 25 for scoring defense and total defense during his tenure. It was ninth in total defensive in 2007. Koenning resigned his position on December 2, 2008. Koenning's defense was the highlight of the Clemson 2008 season. He was hired at Kansas State by head coach Bill Snyder on December 8, 2008 to be assistant head coach and co-defensive coordinator (alongside Chris Cosh) at his alma mater.[1] The K-state defense improved from 118 to 38 under Koenning.

Koenning turned down the Illinois offer to remain as the DC under new head coach Tim Beckman, to explore other opportunities.

Just a thought.

DVD collection is a great gift for Christmas...


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Comment of the week...

This week was tough, what with so many good quotes to choose from. However, since the prize is so glorious, I have to choose only one. So, the winner is Ugly Joe for this masterpiece.

My guess is that

this is more a Gus thing than an Auburn thing. Keep in mind, last year at this time everybody loved everybody, and I just don't see that changing that much in a year, regardless of the season we had, or a less than ready for prime time wife.

I think he saw big potential for himself last year, more than Vandy or Maryland, if he could wait out a year and increase his stock. That didn't happen, and he felt like he had to make a move this year. NC and Kansas didn't work, this was the last opportunity, and there were some advantages in going back to Arkansas.

$850K or $1.3MM...what does that matter. When you work all the time, you can only eat so much premium ice cream. I think he will quietly make noise at Arkansas State for a couple of years, and we will see him back as head coach in a mid level BCS program. I personally wish him the best.

Can I call ‘em, or what?...

While I am at the doctor's office getting my arm repaired, from all this patting myself on the back and all, I happily proclaim, that Rhett Lashlee did follow Gus Malzahn to be his Offensive Coordinator, just like I said he would.

One thing though. I actually predicted that it would be the North Carolina gig. I missed on that one. Oh well, I got it half right.

Not slow, not fast, just half fast?

Dearly beloved....

Coach Chizik has made it clear that he is not "married" to the spread style offense. Leaving a glimmer of hope for all those, who wish to return to "3 yards and a cloud of dust".

"We're not dead set with a one-track mind on this is the offense we have to run," Chizik said. "We want guys who are very good at what they do and are great fits for Auburn. Whatever we offense we decide to go to, whatever that might be, we'll work around what our personnel dictates what we can do. You have to work with what you have."

My take...

The pro style attack would be a genuine mistake at this point. Auburn has had more success being a balanced, run first, passing team.

The biggest area of concern is to get a short yardage passing game, along with a downfield passing attack, so that you can break the will of opposing defenses. The only real fault I found in Gus's "hurry up" offense, aside from being too predictable this season, was that specific plays required specific individuals to be effective. Auburn needs someone to bring the heat, without having to substitute so many players, and giving away the play by who is on the field. How much of that was because of the limited numbers of players? We may never know.

The best offense is one that keeps defensive coordinators guessing. Auburn had zero success at that this season. My personal belief is a perfect offense could play pro set, and spread, all the while mixing it up without too much personnel change. In fact, if Auburn could find a way to change offensive formations, and styles, without any personnel changes, while running at hypersonic speeds, that would be the best of both worlds. But alas, whomever Coach Chizik brings aboard, he has some mighty big expectations to fill.