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Friday Ramblings Holiday Style

I wanted a good start to this post, and nothing like a Christmas standard by a legend to get us going.

Biased State Media..

I know some of you feel the urge to kick me sometimes. I truly understand that you could get frustrated at my posts because I try my best to accentuate the positives about our football team. Let me give you some "inside information" on that slant that I always seem to take.

I cannot read very much that is written by our state wide media sources, because of all the negativity they seem to slant most Auburn stories with. A large number of our statewide sports media have a difficult time giving us positive stories on Auburn athletics, without throwing in some negative insinuation.

Most of them, feel as if they have to say something negative, or try and slant the story in not so good of fashion. Without getting into finger pointing, I'll just say, that I will not be bashing Auburn, simply because there is enough of that coming from the newspaper and internet journalists, and it's been going on for decades. I want to be the opposite of that vitriol.

I am not saying that I don't see the negative things when they do happen, I just won't paint them as disasters, just because it's Auburn. If that makes me someone you don't want to read what I post, so be it. I refuse to give anyone reason to think I wouldn't fully support my teams.

Jordan Hare goes 3D...

Auburn University has announced the new 3D seating panorama, used to find your seats when purchasing tickets for football games at JHS. Go ahead and click the link, I'll wait for you right here.....go ahead, I'll wait.

Wasn't that really something to see? I just said "WOW!", the first time I saw it. This should be a very useful tool, for those who don't have season tickets, and those looking to change their seating packages.

Your welcome : )

Comment of the week...

This weeks winner comes from the discussion of coordinator searches. Imagine that. Anyway the comment was made by AU Teach. Advice to live by.

"What we need

We all will need to have patience. Our collective angst is not going to hurry CGC even a little bit. Just have to wait and see what happens which seems to be difficult for many of us AU fans. Personally, my thought is that it’s best to take the time and get it right. A splashy hire might be great, but we are playing hardball with CNS and others, and we need a heavy bat(okay, I stole the line form a favorite movie). So Merry Christmas to all and may our New Year be exceedingly happy!"

Oh, you want news on the coaching search?...

All I can do at this point, is promise that as soon as something breaks, we will get the information to you quickly.

The two most interesting names I heard this week were Rick Neuheisel and Brent Pease. Neuheisel has been a head coach on several occasions, and frankly, I don't see him as an assistant at Auburn. Pease on the other hand has been the wide receiver coach at Boise State, up until this past year, when he became the offensive coordinator, and QB's coach. What is most interesting about Pease is that he was the QB's coach and OC at Kentucky in 2001 and 2002, when Jared Lorenzen was there. The Wildcats finished the season ranked 23rd offensively that year.


I want to take this time to wish each of you, a very special and warm holiday season.

For me, it's about the birth of my savior. Whatever the meaning for you, I wish you all the best. I consider each of you the best, and I am honored to be a part of such a wonderful group of people.

Merry Christmas.