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Clint Moseley - Media "Good Guy" Award Winner

Auburn Quarterback Clint  Moseley is the winner of the East Alabama Auburn Beat Writers Association of America, "Good Guy Award."
Auburn Quarterback Clint Moseley is the winner of the East Alabama Auburn Beat Writers Association of America, "Good Guy Award."

Auburn beat Sports reporters for Auburn University decided three years ago to recognize an Auburn student-athlete that has been cooperative and supportive in helping the beat writers complete their coverage of the Tigers. The first Award was won by Walter Mc Fadden in 2009.

The honor is named the 'Good Guy Award' and is modeled after the "Good Guy Awards" that are given out every year by the Baseball Writers Association of America.

This year the writers have voted Auburn Quarterback Clint Moseley as the Tigers' Good Guy. Press-Register Auburn Bureau Reporter Evan Woodbery gave the following press release on the award today:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- Auburn sophomore quarterback Clint Moseley has been selected as the winner of the 2011 "Good Guy Award" by the local chapter of Auburn beat writers.

The award, presented annually after every season, is meant to recognize a player who is consistently congenial and professional in his interactions with the media. Linebacker Josh Bynes won the award last year. Cornerback Walt McFadden won the inaugural award in 2009.

"I appreciate it," Moseley said. "I'm honored to be in their company."

The East Alabama Auburn Beat Writers Association of America voted to give Moseley the award for his regular participation in media interviews, friendly demeanor and thoughtful responses to questions.

"Clint never shied away from tough questions, and always tried to give meaningful, well-thought-out answers," said EAABWAA awards committee chairman Evan Woodbery. "That sort of cooperation and professionalism helps reporters do their jobs."

Senior linebacker Eltoro Freeman and junior tight end Philip Lutzkenkirchen also received votes.

Moseley will be presented with a plaque from the EAABWAA at a later date pending approval from Auburn's compliance department.

A native of Leroy, Moseley lost a three-way battle for the starting quarterback position in August. He made his debut as a starter at LSU and has completed 65-of-104 passes for 794 yards and five touchdowns.

"It probably has a lot to do with the fact that I was humbled earlier in the year, and I still think it's kind of cool to go to the interview room, "Moseley said.

The EAABWAA is an informal professional organization dedicated to advancing sports journalism.

End Release.

We at Track Em Tigers congratulate Clint. He is not only a good guy but a good Auburn man as well!