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Video of Chizik Chik-fil-a Bowl Press Conference 12-28-11

Auburn Coach Gene Chizik turned 50 years old today and was serenaded with Happy Birthday by his team after the Chik-fil-a Bowl practice. A great video of the event can be accessed at this link from the Birmingham News.

In the post practice press conference, Coach Chizik, Phillip Lutzenkirchen, and Nosa Equae addressed a number of questions including:

- Scheduling the team's fun activities in Atlanta verses game preparation.

- The search for two new coordinators.

- Tre Mason and Onterio McCaleb's picking up additional running game responsibilities,

- Gus Malzahn's game planning.

- How important the support of the Auburn faithful will be in the Dome Saturday.

- The chance for young players to get extra practice for the bowl game.

- How Auburn has not really faced a team with the type of offensive attack that Virginia will be bringing to the game.

- Auburn's 2012 SEC schedule including playing Texas A&M at home.

The 22 minute video is taken from You Tube via Auburn24/7Sports. Enjoy

Auburn press conference 12-28.mpg (via Auburn247Sports)