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Friday Ramblings


The SEC is loaded with talent almost at every position on the field. Probably the position with the least amount of attention nationally is the SEC quarterbacks.

Missouri Quarterback James Franklin has earned some high praise this past season. It was the last season for the Tiger QB to play in the Big 12, before Missouri joins the South Eastern Conference.

HERE, is a look at Franklin

It’s hard not to be enamored by the upside potential of Missouri QB James Franklin, who’s just a sophomore. He’s one of those dual-threats who doesn’t appear to be moving at warp speed, yet still picks up 10 yards on the ground with almost effortless motion. Entering 2012, he could be the third best hurler in the SEC behind Georgia’s Aaron Murray and Arkansas’ Tyler Wilson.

Added to the list are Tyler Wilson, and Aaron Murray. Ryan Tannehill had a great year for Texas A&M although he plays his last game as an Aggie in the Bowl game on New Year's Eve Day against Northwestern.

We can discuss the up and comers in the comments section if you guys want.

No noose, is good news...

Coach Chizik sure is acting calm and confident in his choice to wait and name either coordinator for the vacant positions in his staff. I am feeling he has the names of those he wants, and that Auburn is going to be in good hands with whomever he hires.

Bowl games are not an indicator of how good a position coach can be, but you get a good idea of what type of offense they will run. I honestly did not like what I saw out of Southern Miss OC Blake Anderson in the Golden Eagles 24-17 win in the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl over Nevada. Nevada has a history recently of playing above their norm and stopping top offenses. Exhibit A being Boise State, last season.

In fairness, USM averaged 36.9 points a game and 5.19 yards per rushing attempt. Throw in a 6.2 yards per play offensively, and you have to think with the talent already at Auburn, what those numbers could be.

The leading candidate defensively, is still Mark Stoops, the FSU DC, and the fan favorite as well. Florida State only allowed a paltry 15.2 points per game, and 2.32 yards per rush attempt. They also held opponents to less than 34% on third down conversions. Something Auburn's Defense was not good at doing with a season total of allowing 47.4% of opponents 3rd down attempts.

My take...

I trust that Coach Chizik knows the importance of these hires, and that he will do his "due diligence" in his choices. This may well be the hires that define his tenure here at Auburn. Make wise choices, and he will be here as long as he wants. Otherwise, it could be the shortest stay of any coach to win a BCS title. I have the feeling that he knows that, but won't let that effect his choice. He is cool under pressure, we have already seen that on the field of play, and in dealing with the adversity of the Cam Newton saga.

Against all odds this season, Auburn over achieved. The reason, was that Coach Chizik had a plan to win the games he could, and pull out one or two, that maybe he wasn't supposed to win. Mission accomplished, and more. Much more in fact, if you consider the injuries, and defections of various sorts.

Comment of the week...

This week the choice was an easy one for me. The winner is "autigersfan66". His comments are the fuel to my fire. While it is not the first of it's kind, I still had to choose it...

Merry Christmas from an "away Auburn family member "

"Track ’em Tigers" has become like my family .I am away from "home",and without you guys to keep me up to date I’d be lost .Thank you all .
War Eagle and Merry Christmas to all of my Auburn family !!

Yeah, I'm a softie! I have a soft spot for those who need a little piece of home, and I can not tell you adequately how I am honored to be a small part of that. I believe I can speak for the entire staff here at TET when I say this. ..Thank you for a wonderful and heartfelt comment. You and those like you are the reason we do this...