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Friday Ramblings- The Year of the Quarterback

The year of the QB.....

Remember at the beginning of the season, the media hype surrounding all the great QB play we were going to see in the SEC this year? What happened?

That's a good question, and one that deserves an answer. You see what happened was, two former SEC quarterbacks are having stellar years. In the NFL!

Tim Tebow, and Cam Newton are having fantastic years with their respective teams, and each of those guys are doing it their own way. Tebow is willing himself and his Denver Bronco team mates into the playoffs, and Newton is setting all kinds of rookie QB records at Carolina. I find it delightfully entertaining watching the Broncos highlights and then listening to the coaches try to explain how Tebow did what he just did.

The thing that makes all of this worth watching is, the media experts all said Tebow and Newton weren't good enough for the NFL, or at the very least, it would take quite a bit of time to get them "league ready".

Tour ready...

Karlin Beck and Cydney Clanton qualified for the LPGA tour this week. Each year a qualification tournament is held for all nonexempt players, and those who finish in the top ten receive an automatic exemption.

"We are just so proud of Cydney and Karlin for earning their way onto the LPGA Tour," said Auburn women's golf coach Kim Evans. "They had clear vision and clear goals for what they wanted to accomplish and they went out and executed."

The Final Qualifying Tournament was the last of the three stages of qualifying for the 2012 LPGA Season. The 90-hole tournament took place on the Champions and Legends Courses at LPGA International in Daytona Beach, Fla.-

Congratulations ladies.


AN Oregon State player died of an apparent heart attack Wednesday night. According to a release from the University, Fred Thompson, a 6' 4" 317 pound Defensive Tackle, from Richmond, California suffered the fatal heart attack while playing basketball. From there he was transported to Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Our condolences go out to the Thompson family, and Oregon State.

In 1983 Auburn's projected starting fullback, Greg Pratt, suffered and died from an apparent heart attack** while participating with the team in preseason practice. Coach Dye told the media the entire "team was running 440 yard sprints, when Greg started complaining about cramps, and then collapsed". It was the first day of fall practices.

Coach Dye spoke at Pratt's funeral services, telling those in attendance "Everything Greg stood for was honorable, everything he stood for was good".

We share a common bond with Oregon State today.

** It was determined later that the cause of Pratt's death was Heatstroke.


The University of Kansas hires Charlie Sheen Weiss as their new head coach. It'll be old news by the time you read this, but really, what were they thinking?

All I have ever seen Weiss accomplish is getting less results out of more talent. Of course, that is a basketball school, right?

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Freshmen All SEC...

Reese Dismukes, a true freshman center for Auburn has been selected as a member of the South Eastern Conference All-SEC Freshmen team.

Dismukes started all 12 games for Auburn this season.

Remember Utah State?...

Yeah, the team Auburn played at the beginning of the season. You know, that same team that seemingly had it's way with our defense? (sorry, CapnV) Well hang your head in shame no more. Utah State finished the season ranked 6th in rushing, and is a Bowl bound team. The Aggies will be playing in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, I kid you not.


The strongest language I have heard, on the Ted Roof departure from any of Auburn's recruits, came from Cassanova McKinzy, a 4 star prospect that is projected as a Linebacker. McKinzy was close to Ted Roof of course, since that was the position that Roof coached.

Auburn is not in the habit of having just one coach recruit a player. This is a good reason why Chizik recruits the way he does.

I hope Mr. McKinzy gets this message. "Your Auburn family wants you to feel welcome, regardless of who your position coach will be".

BCS, the travesty.....

I can not help but feel anger and severe disappointment in the way the BCS handled their respective Bowls this year. I know each of you think I'm about to blast them, because Alabama has been selected to play for it all, but I am not.

I don't like that Bama is going to play for another championship, but they are the only logical choice, other than Oklahoma State. That is not what's wrong. What's got me fired up so hot that I could set off a firecracker just looking at it, is the Sugar Bowl.

After years and years of South Eastern Conference support, and revenue, filling their stadiums, and really, making it the Bowl it has become, the Sugar Bowl officials seen to it to snub the SEC in favor of Michigan and Virginia Tech. This is in no way a rant against VaTech, or Michigan, I truly respect their programs, and Frank Beamer. This falls squarely on the heads of those in charge of the Sugar Bowl it's self.

Their selfish greed in picking VaTech and Michigan simply because they travel well is sickening. It disgusts me that Arkansas, and Georgia were passed over, it creates the atmosphere of distrust that much higher ranked teams were not picked to play against one of our top 4 SEC teams.

Michigan was blown out by Michigan State. The score was only a 2 touchdown difference, but the Wolverines were never a threat to win that game. Virginia Tech lost to Clemson twice, one time in the conference championship game, by an average of 24 points per.

If the goal of the BCS is to put the best teams in their Bowl games, they missed the target badly here. In fact, they shot themselves in the foot. If indeed, the Sugar Bowl has full authority, with no guidelines to go by, to decide who they want in their Bowl game, then they should be shunned, at all costs, by the SEC in any future endeavor.

Unfortunately, this will never happen. It truly is criminal to those teams that have put great seasons together, such as Arkansas, Houston, Kansas State, and others, to get shunned because of the corporate greed the Sugar Bowl has shown here.

It is absolutely filthy, disgusting, good old boy bull crap, that feeds BCS Bowl money to two schools that have not earned the right to play in them. It's a horrible miss on the part of the Sugar Bowl officials, and it smells of backroom handshakes, and promises of the rich and wealthy taking care of themselves. "Screw the little guys", that is the message that the Allstate Sugar Bowl is sending any college team that tries to make it to the big time.

Bad timing...

At the time of this writing, especially the rant against the Sugar Bowl, the December 8th shootings on the campus of Virginia Tech had not happened. I want to reiterate that my feelings are directed solely at the Sugar Bowl selection committee and not the teams that were selected.

Our heart and prayers go out to our friends in Blacksburg, Virginia.