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Predictions - How Close Were We?


Life in the rear view mirror can sometimes be an ugly view. We won't be visiting any of those thoughts today however, because there are much better times to talk about.

We as fans enjoy the opportunity to gloat when we were right in our predictions, or forecasts, of future glory. Below are some comments gleaned from posts on Track Em Tigers as far back as June 2010. Some are a reply to a previous remark, and some are just parts of a remark left on a particular post.

All of these however were dealing with predictions of our recently completed season. One side note to consider is that most of these comments were tempered by later comments by these same individuals. Few if any would go out on a limb and state emphatically that Auburn would run the table in 2010, and win it all.

Let us first look at where the "experts" had us placed at seasons start.

USA Today Coaches Poll had Auburn 23rd in the preseason. The Associated Press placed Auburn at 22nd preseason.

Of course, we know how they finished, although only one of the preseason prognosticators gave us a chance at a great season. Phil Steele predicted Auburn would be undefeated heading into Tuscaloosa to play Bama for the SEC West title. Mr. Steele was the closest to actuality in print. Kirk Herbstriet stated that he felt Auburn would be astrong force to reckon with, in the SEC West.

The following comments are but a sample. Not all were added to this article, although each targeted a specific prediction. Enjoy!


On August 13th, 2010 reader Todd92 said this...

I have to believe that the most important freshman contributors will be.....

at the linebacker position although it will be rather inconspicuous. But the added depth from the new class at the LB position will allow for the starters and some of the backups to get their lungs and legs back between crucial plays and series of plays. You may not see the freshman come in and make an impact from a big play standpoint but the fact that they will allow the starters andsome of the two deep to recover will be invaluable. LB depth last season was our Achilles heel on defense because of the depth….that should not be the case this season.

I would have gone to bammer if my grades hadn't been good enough to go to AU

by Todd92

This indeed played a major role in Auburn's defense, more importantly the later in the season, the more versed the back ups were, thus better play at the end of the regular season, and post season too.


On June 25th, 2010 reader buddy Ro wrote this...

the weapons... the depth pushing practice...

culture change, dynamic/ versatile athletes… mahlzonian theory is going to blow it up this year… for me, it is still about getting through week 4 and finding the momentum.

This was so accurate as to be eery. After week four, Auburn's offense had really "found" itself, and was off to the races. Even when pushed to the brink as in Kentucky, it could not be stopped when the game was on the line. Malzhanion theroy indeed!


On August 30th, 2010 reader WarEagle86 wrote this.....

I think there is an excellent chance for some single season offensive records to be broken this year.

If Malzahn can coach Newton to his strengths as well as he did Todd, watch out SEC and beyond.

I honestly can't think of anything to say about this, except WOW!


On August 30th PineMtnTiger wrote this...

If Cam shines and Roof can go 2 deep - look Out !

by PineMtTiger

This is in line with the above post, just the fact that it adds offense, anddefense in prediction mode made it standout to me. Exactly as it happened, no one can deny the shinning star that is Cameron Newton. Add to that the depth developed at most defensive positions enabled Auburn to produce a MNC.


On August 4th, 2010 reader AU04Natlchamps predicted this when asked where he thought Auburn would finish the regular season, my favorite...

#1 bcs title

by AU04Natlchamps


While I know gloating will be frowned upon, I can't help but add this, for several reasons actually. First, I had no idea that Bo Jackson would be such a presence on the sidelines this season. Second, Josh Bynes had been talking "Championship" since the end of spring practice. Lastly, my gut told me something special was going to happen. Crazy as that sounds, I could not shake that feeling no matter how I tried to talk myself out of it. I know you can go back and find where I said we would go 12-2 or 11-3, and both of those would have been dramatic improvements on the previous season.

So, with a shred of pride, from my article titled Our Season Of Hope, Penned on June 25, 2010, I offer this...

I don't know guys...

While writing this I couldn't help but think of 1983. Bo gave us all so much hope, but it’s different in that "WE" get to see the entire team acting as one, so far. I can not help but feel something is in the air, and it smells just like a championship to me. I really am trying not to drink the kool aide, especially in my writing, but it just feels different this time. I hope I’m right.

Every season, we as college football fans pull out our crystal ball, and become prognosticators. Every once in a blue moon we get things right. This past week has been filled with speculation as to how Auburn will start in the polls or where they will finish in the SEC West next season. Let's bring this subject up again after the A-Day game and Acid's reviews when we will have a little more info to go on.