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National Signing Day - The Thread




It's been a vicious war in recruiting this year. Although every year is a battle, this one in particular was more intense. Back to back National Championships within this great football mecca, known as the State of Alabama.

We here at Track Em Tigers have been following every breaking story in recruiting and brought you updates and informative insight as to what most experts believe will be the rest of Auburn's prospects to sign today.

According to some media, a strong finish by Auburn today, could possibly land Coach Chizik his second title in little less than a month.

Track Em Tigers does not have any "inside" sources, so we will rely on several sites to include Auburn Eagle, twitter,,, and their different channles,, and of course you guys and gals for all our input.

I have my buddy Gary here with me today, and we have three computers up and scanning the web, along with the trusty TV hooked up with Dish Network. The coffee is made, the second pot is brewing, and breakfast is delicious, so let's get it started.

Here's where we will be all day today, trying to keep you up to date with the Letters Of Intent as they come in. Feel free to add any info or questions you may have, join in and have fun, it's going to be a thrill ride!