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Paul Finebaum Caught on Tape

Paul Finebaum lets loose on Auburn at Birmingham Southern College event.
Paul Finebaum lets loose on Auburn at Birmingham Southern College event.

It's safe to say that syndicated radio host Paul Finebaum has never been a friend to Auburn. He portrays himself on-air as someone who doesn't have a dog in the state fight and tells it like he sees it. In reality, everyone knows he plays to his pro-Alabama audience across the South.

On Monday, the Auburn site, released some fascinating audio of Finebaum speaking unfiltered to a group of students recently at Birmingham Southern College.

Some of the highlights include him comparing Auburn to a ponzi scheme while likening Alabama to Apple Inc. Using innuendo, he questioned how Auburn could have so much success so quickly, and even questioned why running back Michael Dyer would leave Arkansas to attend Auburn.

What's most interesting is the apparent depth of hatred Finebaum has for Auburn. Listening to him speak away from the studio, you hear a side of him that you long suspected, but often times dismissed as an act.

This was no act.

Like the story points out, what makes this so disturbing is the reach Finebaum has across the country. In addition to his radio show, he's often asked to give the pulse of the state on varying issues for networks like ESPN and CNN.

This guy is clearly speaking for only one side and that's the University of Alabama. Finebaum is about as neutral as Governor Robert Bentley.

Auburn people who continue to listen and support his program are not doing the football program any favors. He's free to say what he wants - it's his program. But Auburn fans who continue to call in and participate are just feeding this slimy business.

While it was admirable that the group, The Never to Yield Foundation targeted Huntsville radio host Scott Moore last week, I wondered then why they didn't go after Finebaum instead. He's a much bigger problem for Auburn.

Take a few minutes and listen to the audio. It's sickening. It will take everything in your power to make it all the way to the end.