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Auburn's Roster - "Who Dat?"

Where have all the big names gone?

Gone are the likes of Lee Ziemba, Byron Isom, Ryan Pugh, and Mike Berry. In fact 35 total team members of the BCS Championship squad have hit the road, in one way or another. That's dangerously close to half of the team. With recruiting restrictions set at 28per annual cycle, it's going to be another full class of recruits before Auburn and Gene Chizik have their full allotment of 85 scholarship players.

No wonder most pundits are skeptical of putting Auburn any higher than third or fourth in the West Division of the SEC.

The numbers game is a challenge for this staff, one they were more than prepared for, at least until the antics of the "not-so fantastic four" and "the adventures of Mr. Smith". In a year already fraught with losing a huge senior class to graduation, and three early departures to the NFL draft, the loss of this many players leaves a gaping hole that won't be filled even after the next recruiting period ends in February 2012.

That leaves the questions, where should Coach Chizik and his staff spend their recruiting efforts? What positions need filling the most? Recruiting never ends, Juniors were being recruited last fall. This summer, camps will be hosted this summer, while high schools are out for summer break.

But that doesn't help anyone in Auburn for this upcoming season. How is Chizik and his staff going to handle spring practice, and the subsequent fall practices in preparation for the brutal schedule ahead?

The numbers are literally worse, than when he first got here. This should be the low point. After this next recruiting class is signed, Auburn will still be low in total scholarship numbers, equal to the 2010 numbers or close enough, and then the 2013 class will get us to full strength, numbers wise.

Lots of questions in this post to talk about, let's hear your opinions.


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