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In A Perfect Football World


Life in a perfect college football world would be so much different for us as fans. There are many reasons to celebrate when your team wins the Mythical National Championship, unfortunately there are many more people out there who would work to tear a program down, rather than accept defeat like a true sportsman should.

In a perfect world we could still be happy, and joyous, and reveling in our first championship in 53 years. Instead there are sinister forces at work behind the scenes trying to destroy the image of our proud institution, and the wonderful young men who made that dream come true for so many.

Outsiders that still don't believe that the other University in our State has a fan base that has stooped to levels of abhorrent behavior need only to look at the actions of Harvey Updyke, and Scott Moore. We all know what Updyke has publicly bragged about doing, and are saddened by it. What Moore has done is totally beyond the realm of human decency, and bordering on criminal. His taking to the road to promote his once failed radio show, which he is trying to revive, by slandering a college football athlete, and his family, making ridiculous accusations, telling outright lies, and stirring up hatred in an already volatile football feud, is almost surreal. the fact that he is doing this just for his own personal fame, and financial benefit is horrendous.

This quote is from a former partner of Moore's...

While we were on television, Scott lived in an apartment which he never paid a dime for. After that, he moved back with his parents. There are other things he did which are the dirty laundry for a former employer that I left on good terms, airing that isn’t beneficial to anyone, other than to raise my credibility as the person who questions Scott Moore’s ability to tell the truth.

You can read the entire article HERE.

There is already a move to boycott the radio station where he calls home. You can goggle Moore's name if want that info, I refuse to give that station ad space here.

In a perfect College football world players that win awards could dominate their positions without the teams fans that were vanquished whining about cheap shots, cheating, and dirty players. I got so sick of UGA fans crying foul this season that it has turned my opinion more than slightly, for a program that once was held in high esteem. Get over the fact that you got beat. Learn how to block a defender, and for goodness sakes learn how to tackle. You might win more games that way. Until you do, learn how to be good sports about the game of football.

I understand perfectly that we do not live in a perfect world. I also understand that acting as decent and civil as we can will help us get through the muck that has come our way because our team has achieved so much. The ridiculous thing is, most are saying that we got here overnight, and something has to be rotten because of our meteoric rise. Out of the last ten years Auburn has only posted one poor seasonal performance as in 2008, the rest of the time we have competed head to head with the best of the country, and our record speaks for itself. Like it or not this was a long time coming, but by no means a surprise.


This weeks video contest features the so far, undefeated Young IE's "Damn it feels good to be a Tiger" which has won two weeks in a row, by a large margin, going up aginst stymo99's dedication to the 2010 Iron Bowl, enjoy.

Young iE- Dam it Feels Good To be a Tiger (National Champions) (via youngIEworld)