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Tiger Prowl Under NCAA Investigation

According to Jon Solomon of, the NCAA is interested in the entire "Tiger Prowl" event. Below is a couple of excerpts from his story that can be read in it's entirety HERE.

"The NCAA is not reviewing Tiger Prowl as individual violations. They are reviewing the entire event as a whole," Auburn Senior Associate Athletics Director Scott Carr wrote in response to The News' request. "Therefore, the investigative phase of this event is still on-going and we are currently working with the NCAA."


Auburn described the bus as a way to promote the school to fans and get younger players thinking of Auburn in the future. In March of last year, Auburn assistant coach Trooper Taylor said he heard from recruits who wanted to be part of the recruiting show.

"They've been asking us about it -- when it's going to be, who's going to be there. It's almost like having another tradition," Taylor said. "It's viral. It spreads. That's something we're really proud of. Getting them interested is a big step."

Here we go again.

Hopefully nothing of significance will come from this.