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Thursday Grab Bag

4/27/11 - Tuscaloosa Tornado (via jason835a)


     It's a somber morning in the state of Alabama, as dozens of communities will begin cleaning up after a day of historic storms. Dozens of communities have been devastated, none worse than Tuscaloosa. At this time, 64 people are confirmed dead state-wide. Our hearts go out to the many folks impacted by the storms. Video from yesterday's events certainly show how insignificant our heated football rivalry is in this state, compared to the power of nature.


    Tonight the NFL draft arrives, and we'll finally know who'll grab that top pick. Some folks say it will be Cam Newton, others say Nick Fairley. Should either of those go first, they'll join three other Auburn Tigers taken as the top pick in the NFL draft. Those three are Tucker Fredrickson, Bo Jackson and Aundray Bruce. A good defensive tackle is always a help, but I think Cam Newton would have to be the pick. He's going to put fans in the seats, and could go on to greatness in the league.


     Doubters of Cam Newton point to character issues from his days in Florida, and say that he'll never be able to run an NFL offense. Chris Brown of "Smart Football" has this interesting rebuttal. Frankly, I don't think a team could go wrong selecting either player.


     Auburn's baseball Tigers continue their mercurial ways. After winning seven of their last nine and climbing into first place in the SEC West, the Tigers got shelled by Samford Tuesday night, losing 8-0. Auburn rebounded Wednesday night, mangling Texas Southern by the score of 11-1. This Tiger squad could win the SEC, or train-wreck down the stretch and miss the SEC Tourney. There's just no telling with this team. I am confident that coach John Pawlowski is working hard to instill some consistency right now.


     The Tiger football coaches are in full-steam recruiting mode right now, and it appears that another spectacular signing class is on the way for 2012. The Tigers have secured an early commitment from five-star quarterback Zeke Pike, of Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky. Auburn coaches are relentlessly pursuing a slew of four and five star players, and appear to be making a great follow-up to a national championship season.


     Finally, headlining in the News of the Weird category, former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville made an appearance on Fox News network, and commented on the long-running Obama birth certificate controversy. According to Dr. Saturday, all it took to settle the whole thing was some Tuberville wisdom on the subject. The day after, President Obama has released a long-form birth certificate. Does anyone else find this extremely strange?