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NFL Draft Tonight At Radio City Music Hall

          Will Cam make NFL history tonight with a Number 1 pick?

The NFL lockout is over for the time being and its now time for the NFL's Prime Time show of the 2011 draft. The first round of the circus begins tonight at Radio City Music Hall and goes through Saturday. ESPN and the NFL network will carry the event live beginning at 8p.m.

Keeping up with 254 selections over three days may be a bit much for some. I must admit I don't usually pay too much attention to the draft. However, tonight's show has a heightened since of interest and I will be joining millions to view the first round.

Cam Newton has a chance to make NFL history. If he is selected 1st it will be the first time in 61 years that a player has been the number one pick the year after winning a Heisman Trophy and a National Championship. Notre Dame's Leon Hart did it in 1950 and Angelo Bertelli did it for the Irish in 1944.

While I am interested in seeing where all our Tigers land, of particular interest for me is to see who will pick Mario Fannin. I'm of the opinion that some team will get a steal when he is picked probably in the 4th -7th round. Even though he has the mantra of being a good blocker that has trouble holding on to the ball, I think Fannin will have a successful NFL career. Auburn's William Andrews had the same rep when he was drafted in the 70's and went on to be a star for the Falcons

Not since 2004 (when four Auburn players: Jason Campbell, Cadillac Williams, Ronnie Brown, and Carlos Rogers were chosen in the first round) has there been such interest in where Auburn players would be drafted.

The first 5 teams to have a pick are No.1. Carolina (2-14) followed by Denver (4-12), Buffalo (4-12), Cincinnati (4-12), and No.5. Arizona (5-11). 

There has been a lot of speculation on whether the Panthers will use their pick to acquire Can Newton. No one really knows and that's why many will tune in to find out the answer to that question. If either he are Nick Fairley are selected number one it will move Auburn into a tie with Notre Dame and USC for the most No. 1 Draft picks with five.

I think Cam will be number one but if he isn't picked by Carolina there are plenty teams that need a quarterback and are ready to use their first pick for a signal caller. 

There are at least 18 former Tigers that will be watching in hopes of hearing their names called. Those that are not drafted may still have a chance to sign as free agents.

Look for Newton to go first, Fairley second, Ziemba third, followed by Adams and Clayton. But after Cam and Nick it's really anybody's guess.

My top 5 overall picks for the draft are Cam Newton, Nick Fairley, Marcell Dareus, Von Miller, and AJ Green.

Who are your picks?



Darvin Adams,  WR                                  

Mike Berry, OG

Mike Blanc, DT

Kodi Burns, WR

Josh Bynes, LB

Antoine Carter, DE

Zach Clayton, DT

Zac Etheridge, S

Nick Fairley, DT

Mario Fannin, RB

Michael Goggans, DE

Byron Isom, OG

Cam Newton, QB

Ryan Pugh, C

Craig Stevens, LB

Demond Washington, CB

Terrell Zachery, WR

Lee Ziemba, OT