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Prince William And The Auburn Football Renaissance



When I recently returned from vacation I noticed  my copy of  Tigers Unlimited - "Tiger Roar" magazine in my two weeks stack of mail. Flipping through its pages, I was surprised to read an article about the recent wedding of Prince William of Great Britain. But there it was on page 21 along with a full page picture of Coach Pat Dye.

I was not only intrigued but interested in any article by this author. You see it was written by my favorite Auburn writer, the Tigers' former AD and resident historian David Housel.

Yes you can leave it to Housel to come up with the most intriguing Auburn stories from the past. It seems that with the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton, Housel was reminded that right after the Prince was born, Coach Dye had sent the future King of England an honorary Auburn Football scholarship.

It appears that the present staff was not the first coaches to do the unusual (ala "Tiger Prowl" anyone?) to get Auburn's name out before the public. According to Housel it was a "masterful public relations stroke," and the offer received national and international attention. Most of the networks and national papers carried the story.

Housel went on to say that 1982 was a watershed year for both Great Britain and Auburn people. He said the world since 1982 has changed dramatically - especially for Auburn Football:

" Since his invitation to become an Auburn Man and Bo's journey over the top, Auburn has won 17 of 29 games against Alabama. Not that (the) prince had anything to do with it; that credit goes to Pat Dye, Terry Bowden, Tommy Tuberville, Gene Chizik, and the young men who have worn Orange and Blue. Prince William it is presumed, would be proud of them."

As an Auburn Man that lived through the Bama domination of the sixties and seventies ...  I know I am proud of them.

1982 a watershed year? ... You betcha!  And I will forever remember 1982 and Jim Fyfe yelling, " Bo over the top."

The past 29 years have been more than an Auburn Football Renaissance, it has not only been Bo Jackson over the top but Auburn 'on top' in this state ... where it belongs.

War Eagle!

                                 Video -  BO OVER THE TOP - 1982

                  Auburn vs Alabama 1982 Bo over the Top (via jet7111)