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Prosecution and Defense Agree to Postpone Updyke Trial Until...Football Season?

In what has to be among the most all-time asanine ideas in Lee County judicial history, the prosecution and defense in the Harvey Updyke tree-poisoning case have both agreed to move the date of the trial from this summer to tentatively October 31st, right smack in the dab of football season. Are you kidding me? Why must this case be postponed? Is either side waiting for a new leaf to turn in this case? (poor pun intended)

Look, you're an idiot if you schedule a wedding on a fall Saturday and scheduling this trial during the same time frame is not only equally stupid, but could be dangerous as well. This matter needs to be decided before the onslaught of the season begins and partisan flames begin to burn again. All the goodwill created between both schools over this shameful incident could erode quickly once the season is again in full swing. It could even be a distraction for both teams right in the heart of the SEC schedule--especially ours.

Somebody high up with the university, the county or the state better step in and res judicata this crap before fall practice begins, much less the sason. I'm not interested in a plea with no jail time, but somebody call Geraldo or Gretta van Sustern and put on the pressure we can.