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Tennessee Athletic Director Resigns

Just four days before Tennessee officials are scheduled to appear before the NCAA infractions Committee in Indianapolis, the Tennessee AD has resigned.

Mike Hamilton who presided over basketball coach Bruce Pearl's mistakes and the football coach of a train wreck known as Lane Kiffin, resigned today.

The University president said it was Hamilton's decision and that he was not forced out. Maybe not, but it sure looks like he went ahead and took the bullet for the school's problems with the NCAA.

Hamilton was quoted as having said he wanted to resign before the Indianapolis meeting so it wouldn't look like the hearing precipitated his decision. However in his remarks today he said, "I accept responsibility. In a way this was inevitable."

It would have probably been possible to survive the Pearl situation if it did not come on the hills of Kiffin's indiscretions. Just more collateral damage to the Volunteer program by the Boy Wonder Blunder.

I for one am never glad to see an SEC school go through NCAA investigations and or sanctions and I hope to see the Vol program back on track again soon.