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Truth? or Consequences Coming-UPDATED MONDAY 7/25/2011

The biggest story of the latter part of the week seems to center around the possible rules violations of one of the nations premier college football teams.

This time it's not the Auburn Tigers.

It's the Alabama Crimson Tide. Rumors of impropriety from advertising with players names, and profiting from the use of a players likeness, both of which are against NCAA rules. The University of Alabama has sent the store a cease and desist letter.


I am providing a LINK to the cease and desist letter sent by the University that clearly states of knowledge that the retailer was selling items autographed by UA players. These items include and are not limited to Autographed pictures of the players....


Here are two pictures from the stores facebook site...



Pictures thanks to Toni Beth

Reports from ESPN and others have named the retailer, T-Town MENSWEAR.

Joe Schad of ESPN has a brief post about this on