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Friday Ramblings

There isn't really a ton of information coming from campus about football. What little bit there is, has already been dissected here where your favorite crew brings you all the best tidbits. Besides, this is not as easy to do from Keyser, WV as it is in, you know, actual civilization. I kid, I kid. West Virginia is a beautiful state, and is where I was born. It's just difficult getting any real internet in many places because of these mountains.

This week we lost another Tiger great, who spent several years in the NFL. According to the San Francisco 49er news source

Former 49ers center Forrest Blue, a first-round pick in the 1968 NFL draft who was a four-time Pro Bowl selection, has passed away at 65.

Blue was born Sept. 7, 1945, in Marfa, Texas. He was a three-year letterman at Auburn and the 15th overall selection in the 1968 draft.

Our deepest condolences to the Blue family. For the entire story go HERE.

Wes Byrum and a host of Tigers from the 2010 BCS Championship team are going to get their opportunity at an NFL career. Byrum was signed as a free agent by the Seattle Seahawks. Others that were signed are defensive lineman Mike Blanc, defensive back Zac Etheridge, receiver Terrell Zachery, offensive lineman Byron Isom to Minnesota, offensive lineman Mike Berry to New England, linebacker Josh Bynes to Baltimore, receiver Darvin Adams and offensive lineman Ryan Pugh to Carolina, running back Mario Fannin to Denver and defensive back Demond Washington to Kansas City. Auburn's four drafted players were quarterback Cam Newton, offensive lineman Lee Ziemba, defensive lineman Nick Fairley by Detroit and defensive lineman Zach Clayton by Tennessee.

Speaking of which, Nick Fairley has reportedly signed a deal with Detroit for around 10 million dollars. We are talking a lot of zero's here people. Congratulations Mr. Fairley. Spend it wisely, my friend.

Just when you thought you had seen it all, ESPN announces this coming season of the critically acclaimed 30 for 30 series will include an in depth look into the Iron Bowl.

"With two Heisman trophies, two national championships and one crazed fan, the biggest rivalry in college sports, Auburn vs. Alabama, has reached new heights in the last two years. This is the story of the history between the two programs, the bad blood between its fans and how this intense rivalry came to a pinnacle, just when they ended up needing each other most."

I am stuck somewhere between exhilaration, and anxiety with this news. I am hooping some of you can cheer me up about this. Looking through Orange and Blue glasses, ours is the biggest rivalry in ALL of sport. I can not help but think, that we, Auburn and it's fan base, won't come out of this without some sort of cheap shot being hurled our way.

Charles Goldberg of fame lets us know that Kris Frost had a successful surgery to repair his shoulder this week. All may not be lost this season with Frost after all, but I'll believe that when I see it. This guys upside is way too good to waste, by a possible a tragic result in an early return. I trust our staff, coaches and doctors to make the right decision.

David Morrison of OANow has an interesting article up about which incoming freshmen he sees contributing this upcoming season. While I can't say he has totally hit the nail on the head, I thought it would be great debate material here, so you know, come back and talk about it here.

On the recruiting front, Gimel President(insert jokes here) has committed to play for our beloved Tigers. He's a 3 star prospect according to The story is here, and here.

Football is getting very near, and I, along with most of you, are so ready for the season to get here.