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The Elliptical Reasoning of Chance..

NASA, that vaunted gang of scientist that made space travel possible, tells us that the moon travels in an elliptical orbit around the earth. Haley's Comet also travels an elliptical orbit in and around our Solar System. Coming closer to the earth every now and then, and then moving away. If we use this analogy in terms of Auburn football, then we see what many believe is the state of Auburn football.

Mirriam-Webster defines chance thusly...

a : something that happens unpredictably without discernible human intention or observable cause b : the assumed impersonal purposeless determiner of unaccountable happenings

There are those who walk among us that believe winning the BCS last season was an elliptical event. A matter of chance led us into the BCS national title game.

"Auburn University football", it is said, "will start drifting away into obscurity again, not to be seen for another 50 years or so".

I had an at length discussion, about the chances of a repeat by any football program. It quickly blossomed into a categorization of likely candidates that could repeat, however unlikely. I shouldn't have to tell you that Auburn was not among the initial list of "likely candidates".

This gentleman was well groomed, and dressed very neatly. An intellectual type that was also a sports fan. You could tell he was an executive of some sort, and very successful. You know the type, he was extremely nice, and well spoken too.

Now, before you get all riled up over his observations, know this, this was not a discussion involving a fan of any SEC school. Nor did he imply,  in any way, anything derogatory  in his speech. The conversation was of a good nature, and very calmly we expressed our ideas. Well, in all honesty, he expressed, I rattled, on and on at times. but I digress...

I truly enjoyed my conversation with this person, and he very quickly picked up that I was an Auburn fan. It was one of those rare times I was not wearing something that was burnt orange, and navy. I am sure it was the way I passionately plead my belief that Auburn is "no one hit wonder". That as long as Coach Chizik is in charge at Auburn, we will have a chance to contend.

I reminded him that over the past 3 years Auburn is a top ten recruiter, nationally(according to I also went into the history of the Iron Bowl, which he was aware of the name, and it's significance. In a surprise blathering of facts, yours truly actually educated this fellow sports fan. To a small degree anyhow. We parted ways with a smile, and a handshake. A chance meeting if you will.

I wish I had knowledge of this post from contributor Brian Harbach while discussing this with my new found friend. You should read the post in it's entirety, but here is the closing paragraph...

Does this mean Auburn won’t skip a beat…of course not, but it does show that the lazy opinion of Auburn is that they are rebuilding when that work has already been done.  The Tigers are past rebuilding and have moved on to reloading.  Many experts don’t feel a program like Auburn is capable of reloading and that is why "lucky to make a bowl game" is the new talking point when discussing Auburn.  If teams in the SEC have the same opinion of the Tigers that the media does, maybe Auburn will be competing for a title this year.

Notice the sentence smack dab in the middle?

Many experts don’t feel a program like Auburn is capable of reloading and that is why "lucky to make a bowl game" is the new talking point when discussing Auburn.

From title holder, to lucky to make a bowl game. Wow!

These so called experts, are the ones on sports talk radio, and TV sport shows that keep down playing Auburn's chances at a title run. They sway public opinion in a way, that I never could, no matter how long the conversation.

I can assure you with the utmost confidence that last seasons journey will not be a once in a lifetime event. We will reach the pinnacle of college football again, and again, and again. A foundation has been built at Auburn that we can live on, for a long, long time. (Thanks to Coach Dye, for everything!)

Call it whatever you want, underdog, David vs. Goliath, I don't care. The fact remains the average sports fan sees little chance of Auburn being a contender anytime soon.  I say they are wrong. I say, this team will rise up, and take control of it's destiny, win more games than expected, and give those who may defeat us, more than they ever wanted in a gridiron battle.

Next year then, Auburn will have to wear the heavy weight around it's neck. The weight that seems to break more necks than it strengthens. The weight of the title "Contender".

Until then, what we do have is this season. It is nearly upon us. This team, the 2011 version of your Auburn Tigers, will contend, must contend. And in that contention will be a defense of a title. A title many see as a once in a blue moon occurrence. They are so wrong.

Let it be known here and now. The title is in Auburn, Alabama. Its home is the campus of Auburn University. It is our title. With one strong angelic voice we say, to all who seek to take, what rightfully belongs to us.

It's ours, come and get it, if you think you can!