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Pete, Meet Repeat - By Special Request

Because it worked so well last year, and for one of our special readers who asked for this to be a tradition on TET to kick off the college football season. Who am I, that I should mess with tradition?

2010 AUHD Championship Compilation Video (via AuburnAthletics)



Remember the students- singing in the rain, staying for you!

Remember the tradition- Auburn is great, and will continue to be great, because of you and those like you.

Remember the legacy- Many a warrior has entered these battlefields, Only a chosen few, have worn Orange and Blue.

Remember the spirit- Each and every place you go.

Remember the dignity- That entails the Auburn Creed.

Remember the combatants before you- Who gave of themselves for the glory of the team.

Remember the cause- Championships are the for those that want it most.

Remember the ones who battle with you- They will bleed, they will thirst, but they will not give up.

Remember the love of the game- Enjoyment and victory come from preparation and planning.

Remember sportsmanship- Victory without regret.

Remember the battle cry "WAR EAGLE!"- For they are the most compelling words.

And remember that we love you, no matter what. For you are us. You are AUBURN!