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It All Starts Now


So, this is the week we have all waited for. Anticipated, uneasily, in our college football minds, we pondered the full spring and summer, and all the while basked in the knowledge that we, Auburn, are sitting on top of the college football world.

Time has come for this sport we love to begin anew.

Gone, but never forgotten are the wins and losses(for those other teams) from last season.

Meanwhile we have learned that all fans of college football were not happy with the ascent of our beloved Tigers of Auburn. Those who would cast themselves as "in the know" would be called down here on Track Em Tigers. Verified, and endorsed by the leading body of all intercollegiate sport. Call me what you will, I did just link one of my stories. We were correct in our evaluation here as an editorial staff at TET about that clown. 

Still we have reason for hope, and excitement.

All of the expectations by the outside media about this young and talented Auburn team, are wrong of course. Not one outlet has given this team a chance to successfully defend the past seasons titles.

Barring major injuries, and a depletion at any one spot, this Auburn team is poised to shock the world. We must look at the predictions, since we must have predictions, with the idea that every team will be as healthy as they are right now, this week for the season ahead.

I had promised all of you that I would post a prediction before the season starts, and Here it is.

I can see that this team lacks a tremendous amount of experience, but they are not lacking anything in talent, coaching, and preparation. From Coach Yox and the grueling summer workouts, to the coaching staff, these young men will be ready for any and all in the best conference in the land.

It would be conceivable that Auburn would lose an early season game and mature throughout the rest to "upset" a few of the popular picks to win it all this season. My surprise loss is going to be Clemson. The learning curve for road travel will be completed, and the rest of the road games won't have as much an effect on this team.

Throw in another loss just because the schedule is so daunting, and you have that magical number that has eluded everyone else. Auburn will suffer two regular season losses, if they can remain healthy throughout. That's it! They will not be a dismal, and floundering bunch of babies, as some have suggested. It's not as if they are just learning how to walk.

So, there you have it. 10-2 regular season record, with losses at Clemson, and either Arkansas, or LSU. Although, I'll say this. If this team gets to 5-0 for the third consecutive season under Gene Chizik.......