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Tomorrow For The Auburn Family


The time is upon us, for those who dream a dream

Venture in to Jordan-Hare, come along and scream.


With cooler nights, and bedlam days, the smell of tailgating fills the air

Championship dreams are the norm, Orange and Navy is what we wear.

From Tiger-walks, to Eagles soar

The band plays our fight song, and more


Other teams have dreams too, and crushed they will be,

when visiting Big Blue


Sorority Row will be draped in banners, welcoming all who visit,

even Bama


On the road we go, with the toughest of schedule

Taking on the best is the only way to be credible


I put my hand on a stack of Bibles

No fake rings or made up titles


Going through unscathed will be difficult they say

It can't be done? "You just watch" and then you will pray!


And if you care to take a dare, I'll make a bet with you- (CDB)

A bottle of drink, that's the wager, and one I'll take from you.


Let's add another championship ring.

Yeah, that will do.