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Showdown in Death Valley!


And beat the Geranimals, too!

(AP Photo/ Richard Shiro)


     War Eagle, everybody! What a fine cool morning it is! We've got a touch of high clouds here in central Alabama, but the scene over in Clemson, South Carolina is much more gray. A cool drizzle threatens, and first chill of fall is flowing down from the Appalachian Mountains. Today, the Auburn Tigers take on the Clemson Tigers, in their backyard. Not cold, nor clouds, nor cool drizzle will save the purple and orange. Not even the specter of far-off Texas bringing oil money to the ACC will help today. The Auburn Tigers are on a mission, and that's to avenge a beating in Jordan Hare a year ago. This grudge match will be televised on ABC-TV, at 11:00 AM.


     Last season, DeQuan Bowers and company ran roughshod over the proud Auburn Tigers. Somehow, the tenacious Auburn men of 2010 found the will and fortitude to survive, and fight back. In the end, a missed field goal decided it. Today, it will be decided by the team that is tougher. I think the Auburn players come in with a chip on their shoulder. Auburn is widely regarded as the luckiest, most undeserving 2-0 team in the country. By mid-afternoon, those lads should be 3-0.


     It's a brisk September morning, and we Auburn Tigers are loving it! We'll be here all day, spouting opinions, wisdom, and maybe a few pertinent facts. As always, feel free to join in the fun! War Eagle, and beat Clemson!!!