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The Bells, They Are Ringing

College football has heard the bells ringing. These are not the joyous sounds of wedding bells, or the usual Sunday service bells. The sounds we hear ringing from the great cathedrals across our land are funeral bells.  You can hear them in Kansas, Texas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, and many more states. College football is dead.

Over the weekend, we saw the Big East offer every remaining team in the BIG12 an invitation, except Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State. Late Saturday afternoon it was announced that Pitt and Syracuse were leaving the Big East to join the ACC, where Texas has also been sent an invitation to join.

Then Sunday, with the NFL on full display, official announcements were made that Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State were all invited to join the PAC12.

The Big East played a desperate hand, knowing full well it's two flagship schools were going to the ACC. Gone is the basketball powerhouse. When West Virginia leaves it will be the undoing, the last straw, on an old camels back.

Hymnals are being sung as we gather for the BIG12. The storied championships, and national titles are all just a footnote in history. Our grandchildren will ask us what college football was like with so many little conferences, and no playoffs. We will point to the emergence of the Super-conferences with a distaste as bitter as a crab apple, that was picked way too early.

It's still early in this process of dying, then healing, and moving forward. Nobody really knows what lay in store. The slow steady grinding of change marches toward its own destiny, at its own beat, in its own unsweetened time.

All one really knows, is the only thing that will always remain the same, is that things are changing. Whether we like it or not. Whether we are ready or not, college football as we know it, is dying. The future is unclear. Like our predecessors, we must adapt to these changes, or get left behind.

With death always comes a new life. May the new college football life be bigger and better than ever.

Long live college football.