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Football Time In Auburn!

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With apologies to Cam, he never looked that good in his Auburn uniform.
With apologies to Cam, he never looked that good in his Auburn uniform.

The day has almost arrived. I hope you've taken this Friday off to get ready. It's time to load up the tents, televisions, tables and food. I hope the coolers are clean and filled with beer and ice. If you are smart, in a few hours you'll be heading to campus to mark off your spot. Our time is here. Auburn football is back. When our Tigers take the field tomorrow and for the next 12 weeks, they'll do so as the defending national champions.

It's hard to imagine things being any better for Auburn football.

Speaking of football, how do you like the picture that graces the top of this story? In my opinion, it may be the finest one to ever appear on these pages. You probably haven't noticed, but those are Cam Newton's pants he wore in the BCS Championship Game.

The website, Busted paid $1,525 for Newton's britches in an online auction earlier this year and decided to make the most of them. To generate some publicity, they put former Playboy playmate Jaime Edmondson in them for a photo shoot. Can you say pure genius? Click here to see the entire gallery.

I received a video yesterday of the new Auburn indoor practice facility in its full glory. A company named Advent was hired by the University to install graphics all around the facility. It looks amazing. Here's another take away: What's the deal with Jay Jacobs and the sideburns? Make it stop Jay.


Auburn University: Indoor Football Practice Facility from Advent on Vimeo.

Who says Auburn's not still ranked number one? The popular website, released their top 25 yesterday and came to the conclusion that many do; you're number one until beaten. Here's what they had to say about Auburn this year...

1.    Auburn

Investigation? Nobody cares. The champ is the champ till someone beats the champ. On the field. Whiners elsewhere in the S.E.C. can stop phoning in tips about Cam Newton and start investigating why their teams weren't in the Tostitos BCS National Championshp Game. (A: Because they weren't as good as Auburn.)

What they write about Alabama is even better...

20. Alabama

Did we mention that Auburn is the reigning national champion? Would ranking Alabama somewhere in the top 5 change that? It would not. Win some games, Alabama. And by "some games" we mean "every game on the schedule, plus the BCS title game." Otherwise, you're failures.

Don't forget to visit us on Saturday. Acid Reign returns for his fifth season of live blogging. It's become an Auburn institution. If you are watching on television, be sure to have your laptop in front of you. Drinking is encouraged. In fact, it's almost mandatory. Weigh in with your thoughts. Think of it as The Paul Finebaum Show for people with teeth.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend and War Eagle!