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Owls Will Not Screech Tonight!

Evening Tiger Fireworks will be too much!

     War Eagle, everybody! It's gameday once again! Tonight, the Auburn Tigers will take on the Florida Atlantic Owls. It's a critical tune-up match for the Tigers, leading into a murderous October schedule. Will these young Tigers turn the corner tonight, or will they struggle?

     One could not ask for a better weather setup for this game. Here on the second day of fall, cool mountain air will be flowing down from the Appalachians, and late afternoon temps should only be in the lower 70s. Things will cool off to the mid-60s by the time this one is over. It's football weather, here in East Alabama!


     We'll be here at gametime, with our usual banter. We'll be here watching a legend on the far boundary. Coach Howard Schnellenberger coaches his last season. As aubtigerman and koolbell posted earlier in the week, the Auburn Nation would like nothing more than to send him out a loser. Many of us are still smarting from the robbery at the end of the 1983 season. It's ironic, because I think the Hurricane players and coaches had little input into the polls.


    As always, feel free to join in the fun. It's a football Saturday in the South once again, and we are loving it! War Eagle!