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Friday Ramblings

It's not quite Friday as I prepare for this weeks edition. I run across THIS, and see a remarkable signal of just how strong the SEC is against the rest of our college football society.

In continuing revelations of the predators, and the many shady dealings of their trade(see Kenny Rogers) we are discovering just how much some coaches depend on these services. I would like to think that Auburn is above these sorts of dealings. This could be the explanation as to why, all of a sudden, 4 star RB Lache Seastrunk became a non-target of the coaches at Auburn.

I love old westerns. Movies made of an era, that I am happy to have never experienced. Still, there is something about a beautiful lady and her horse that gets my motor running. How's that for an era crossed analogy? There is however a certain connection to this drivel of mine. The defending National Champions have successfully opened their 2011/2012 campaign. Way to go Ladies. WAR EAGLE!

It's not a secret that I am a firm believer in Jay Jacobs, and the way he runs our athletic program. it's at times like these,  when everyone else publicly states they think your guilty of infractions, Jacobs stands up and says this....

On the on-going NCAA investigation: "I've got more confidence and couldn't be more proud of our compliance at Auburn and the way we do business than I am today," Jacobs said. "We've had a chance to pick up and look under every rock. There's no question that's not worth asking. Let's ask every question, let's get to the bottom of things. I couldn't be more at peace than where we are as an institution."

read the rest HERE

This statement means more than most of you may realize. Being falsely accused, and publicly scrutinized, even scorned by national journalists without proof, has lingering consequences. Dealing with them head on, Jay Jacobs has calmed many fears within our family. He is doing what a great leader would do, looking fearlessly into the eyes of potential trouble, and staring it down. Who would have ever thought it? Jay Jacobs, the cool and calm gunslinger.

Phillip Marshall did an excellent piece on James, and LaDarius Owens. You need to take the time to read it. Here is a sample...

There were no other customers when Owens walked in. The barber was sitting in his chair, reading the newspaper. At the first sight of Owens, he jumped to his feet.

"I didn’t know any better," Owens says. "The guy jumps up and says ‘Please leave. I can’t cut your hair and you are going to ruin my business.’ Things like that stick with a young man who didn’t know what to do."

Trust me, you'll thank me for it.

Now onto this weeks opponent. The Sakerlina Cackalackeys are just about as "for real" as we have seen them in a long time. Experienced, and smelling blood, they will not let up on Auburn if they get up by three TD's.

You can't read anything about this weeks game without seeing the name of Marcus Lattimore. For good reason, Auburn wanted him bad, and came up just short of getting him. Partially in part to Stephen Davis. Yes. That Stephen Davis! Or, so the story goes. Mr. Davis suggested to young Mr. Lattimore that he should stay in state to play his college ball.

Lattimore is not the only weapon the Gamecocks have, and I know the coaches have told this young team about those weapons. Barrett Trotter said in a press conference earlier this week that he had watched game film from last year. Both games. Trotter knows he has a target on his back.

Look for continued improvement on the defensive side of the ball, and more of Kiehl Frazier this Saturday. Don't look for me though, I'm on the road again. Anybody seen my Willie Nelson 8 track laying around?