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Baylor University Should Be Suing Texas Longhorns, Not A&M

I understand why, but still it amazes me. The sheer stupidity of the "ME" mindset.

First the University of Texas(UT) sets up a windfall of profits and recruiting by getting the biggest piece of the BIG12 revenue pie, and it's own television network. A network ventured into with sports television conglomerate ESPN/ABC sports.

All of this to the chagrin of it's BIG12 partners, if they can indeed be called partners. Partners usually suggest an even amount of effort/money into the final product. Not always the case in business relationships, and yes, football, even college football is big business. Still, the idea that Texas somehow should get more revenue from the conference than any other member does sound like they only care about themselves, and not the rest of the conference members.

Which to me at least, sounds like UT could care less about the financial health of the rest of their partners in their conference. So long as they toe the line, and allow UT to get the lions share of the profits, and the dogs can have the crumbs that fall to the floor. It's all about me(UT), you can have the crumbs.

I am hindered by communication laws to tell you how that would make me feel. The results of such anger would label me as a domestic terrorist, because somebody's $#*% would get blown all to hell.

Then UT starts to whore itself around to other conferences, Texas A&M says they have had enough, and wants out, and Baylor gets mad at..........

The SEC and Mike Slive?!?!?

Mad enough to threaten legal action? How stupid is that? Wouldn't you be pissed at UT? I know I would.

The self centered thought that you are the "IT" that the rest of your conference survives on, rotates around, and should bow down to, is more like Adolph Hitler and his thinking.

Texas A&M should be thought of as a savior for the rest of the BIG12. Somebody had to have the guts to finally stand up against this evil greedy empire, A&M is doing just that.

The flaw in Baylor's thinking is in continuing to allow oneself to be treated as a second class institution. That ideology will eventually lead to UT leaving you high and dry. Don't believe me? History is full of greedy corporations and individuals that left a wake of destruction. That's how I see UT. Destructive, and greedy. It's playing out in front of our eyes, and A&M doesn't want any part of it.

The idiots at Baylor see Texas as a shinning example and that A&M is the bad guy here. I guess they are happy with crumbs. I mean, how else would you describe it? Suing A&M instead of attacking the problem at it's core. A&M is using a common sense approach, Baylor is not. Trying to rally all the Texas universities, while the leading state named university could care less, is ignorant.

When you get stopped for speeding, and the police write a ticket, do they make the ticket out to the car? NO! The core problem was the foot attached to the driver.

The driver of the BIG12 implosion is UT. A&M is just a passenger, who wants out of the car, before it wrecks.

The BIG12 is going to wreck, guaranteed, as long as UT is the driver.

If UT really gave a damn about the other schools in it's conference, this whole thing never would have happened. We would be talking about football today, not self indulgence.

Welcome to the SEC Texas A&M, glad you made it alive.