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It's SEC Time...


It's Thursday night as I write this, and while watching the Oklahoma State team leading Arizona 21-0 I get the feeling that the Wildcats haven't heard that I picked OK State to be in the hunt for a BCS title this year. Such is college football, and life. What I think might happen, and what lies in store, are sometimes vastly different things.

I actually thought that Gus Malzahn had been too conservative in his game play calling. Run after run into a defensive front that dared you to pass. Yeah, it was Utah State, not LSU or Bama.

Where I was wrong, is what Acid pointed out in his post yesterday, a very young, and inexperienced Auburn team with a first time starter at QB should have taken it simple. Taken it slow.

Oh, lookie there, Arizona scored. Well, it's 21-7 now. I hope the Cowboys don't let me down, so early in the season.

Back to Auburn football. Concentrate, I keep telling myself to pay attention to what I'm doing, to no avail. A big run by the Cowboy RB has me peeking up, again.

A fake punt, and I've lost concentration once more. Boone Pickens is talking with Reece about the BIG12 and A&M, and that whole mess. He seems to think that A&M may have succeeded in achieving equality for all conference members. If that is the case, and Texas backs down from the me first mindset, thinking they should get a bigger piece of the pie, then maybe the BIG12 can remain a strong thriving conference. I truly believe that would be better for college football.

Oklahoma State has scored again. Justin Blackmon is having a great game for Oklahoma State.

Eltoro "I love ya Charlie" Freeman should make his 2011 debut. I am pulling for Eltoro to have his breakout year. It's past due for the Senior from Alexander City. We will need his run support against the Bulldogs.

Auburn will come out better against MSU, not because I have a personal dislike for the Bulldog program, but because Coach Chizik demands that they do. What I want doesn't matter, what Chizik wants, is to see a more physical, and determined football team. No more hesitation.

So, strap em on boys, it's SEC time, and......