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Brian VanGorder Introduced as Auburn Defensive Cooordinator

Gene Chizik introduced his new Defensive Coordinator today in a 19 minute press conference at Auburn University. Atlanta Falcons DC, Brian VanGorder is the new man and his hiring has been praised by Auburn friends and foes alike.

Coach Chizik said he knew that VanGorder was the guy he wanted to hire from the day the job came open. He said he never went after anyone else but VanGorder. For his part VanGorder said he liked the discipline and organization of Coach Chizik; further that he and his family,

"Look forward to learning the Auburn ways and really, really digesting all the traditions. We look forward to meeting with the people that made the traditions great here. I certainly hope we can do everything to be a part of, improve and meet all the challenges that lie ahead of us."

The following video of the press conference is taken from You Tube via Auburn Undercover at 24/7. If a hard nose defensive coach is what you have been looking for ... then VanGorder fits the bill.

Brian VanGorder 1-11-12 (via BryanMattews247)