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Is Chizik Looking For Offensive Coordinator to Run Traditional Style Offense?

All-American Full-Back Jay Prosch (No.35 pictured above) transferred to Auburn today.
All-American Full-Back Jay Prosch (No.35 pictured above) transferred to Auburn today.

Is the hurry up offense a thing of the past at Auburn? Recent developments sure look that way. First on Monday, four star WR recruit Jaquay Williams said Gene Chizik told him the offense for next year will have, "Four receivers. Three receivers (but) It'll be more a little pro style."

Now news came today, and was reported earlier here at Track 'Em Tigers, that Jay Prosch former UMS-Wright All-State running back out of Mobile has transferred to Auburn.

Prosch is a junior with two years of eligibility remaining. The Illinois Full-back was named this year, First-Team All-American by Pro Football Weekly and also won academic All-Big Ten honors.

Jay is transferring to Auburn to be near his mother who is suffering from brain cancer. He will apply for a waiver from the NCAA to avoid sitting out a year and be able to play in the 2012 season. All are hopeful that Jay's mom will be able to win her battle. We certainly will keep her in our thoughts and prayers.

The significance of a prototypical fullback's transfer to Auburn, seems to confirm message board rumors that Chizik is looking for an NFL type offensive coordinator. Or at the very least, these developments mean that the hurry up offense of the last three years will be shelved for something more multiple in its looks. While this does not necessarily mean a move to the power I ... it does look like a move away from a no huddle spread.

The new OC will probably be someone that will run a combination of a shotgun spread and a power running game. With today's news and the recent hiring of Brian VanGorder as the Defensive Coordinator, Auburn may be returning to its roots. And that ain't a bad thing.