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Friday Ramblings - A Look Ahead

I am not in the prognostication business, and actually have been way off base more than I care to think about when it comes to making predictions. I still would rather look ahead with a positive mindset, than to think I have nothing to look forward to. Just how does all this drivel relate to Auburn football? Let's take a look inside the future according to KoolBell, shall we?

SEC, strength in numbers....

There are numerous schools next season in the SEC that will field strong teams. Added to that mix will be Texas A&M and Missouri. These two schools should give the SEC 6 or 7 of the top 25 in preseason polls. That's a full 25% of the polls with our conference members as the best of the rest.

The Big 12 has 5, the Big 10 and the ACC has 4 each, the PAC 12 has 3, the Big East has 1, if WVU is still a Big East member, then make it 2.

According to The Sporting News in their "Way too early Top 25" poll, Auburn comes in at a paltry number 23 ranking. Not saying that isn't justified from last seasons results. The uphill climb begins on the first day of the college football season for Auburn, when they face Clemson.

Win, wash, rinse, repeat....

Earlier this week, The Randolph Leader of Roanoke, and Randolph County, Alabama posted an interesting look at the potential of the SEC making a 7th consecutive run at the National Championship title.

The SEC, however, has a good chance to make it seven in a row, although if there is any way to prevent it the national media will bend over backwards to stop it. It would have to be a situation like it was this year where two SEC teams were clearly the two best in the nation.

We saw this coming. Anybody that hasn't seen the media building up the "SEC Envy", let me brace you for the impact. The timing is ripe for another 2004 type catastrophe to befall the SEC, and quite possibly Auburn. Ironic, I know, although consider where Auburn will most likely start the preseason polls, and then imagine three or more teams going undefeated throughout the regular season, and add to that the impending buildup of the aforementioned envy, and there you have it.

Looking to next season....

It is this writers opinion that next year we will see a much different, yet much improved product on the football field. An awful lot of familiar faces will be learning new concepts, and new plays. A much needed changing of the guard has taken place, or at least is in the process of taking place. A new defensive coordinator has already been tabbed to reinstate the tradition of stingy, tough defensive play on The Plains. A new offensive coordinator is expected to be announced shortly. (No, I'm not telling you who, because I don't know. OK?)

What is most important is that Auburn will return virtually all of it's play makers from 2011, including it's star wide out, Emory Blake.

It's time that those two consecutive highly rated groups of offensive line recruits, start playing up to their potential. If that happens, then the sky will be the limit. If Auburn has another injury filled year like 2011, then all bets are off, on any real success.

National Champion, once again....

For the 7th time in the history of Mascot Cheerleader competition, Auburn University's own loveable "Aubie" has been crowned National Champion.

Track Em Tigers would like to congratulate Aubie, and the entire Auburn University Cheerleader squad. War Eagle, and a job well done. Let's do it again, shall we?

Comment of the week....

I almost went with the most rec'd comment I have seen here at TET, except that it actually was a lighthearted jab at someone. That someone actually got my selection for comment of the week. This weeks winner is Sparkey, for this gem...

I've never seen...

a player that creates more controversy than Tim Tebow, yet he doesn’t do anything that really brings it on personally. He is a good man and lives his life the right way. I don’t know why so many have so much venom against him. He’s never done anything to them. He doesn’t say bad things about anybody. I’ll never understand how people can hate Tim Tebow like they do and they are so loud about it. I don’t think they would hate him if they knew the guy. Right now, there are more people that hate Tim Tebow than hate Michael Vick. For that matter, you didn’t hear the huge screams when Rae Carruth murdered his girlfriend. Ugh, the hatred of Tim Tebow is a microcosm of what’s wrong with America. They hate him so much. I don’t think it’s necessarily because of his faith. I think they hate him because he’s so clean without any scandal and he continues to succeed. The fact is, America doesn’t like to see people succeed without any mud on them. That’s exactly what Tim Tebow is doing and they hate him for it.

It's a subject we have talked about, so no need to rehash all of that here, and now. Still, it strikes at the very core of the differences we all have with this subject. Our personal beliefs. Well done Sparkey.