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What Will Auburn Fans See From Scot Loeffler?

As many of you know, Scot Loeffler has been named the new Offensive Coordinator (OC) at Auburn. He is Gene Chiziks second hire at that position behind Gus Malzahn.

Scot was a QB in college playing at Michigan, when a severe injury to his throwing shoulder ended his playing career. Scot then took to teaching the other QB's and found a passion for coaching. At the very young age of 23 Loeffler was hired as the QB coach at Michigan, under Lloyd Carr.

When Scot was hired, he quickly became friends with Tom Brady while the two of them studied film together. They are still good friends until this day. In fact, Tom Brady called Scot and congratulated him on the Auburn job. They continue their friendship through continual contact and post season workouts.

Their are numerous questions with any new coach, and we will try to cover some of them here.

1.) What can Auburn fans expect to see in the way of offense, now that Loeffler has been hired?

While at Temple this past year, the personnel dictated a run heavy scheme, and they were able to have very good success. Finishing in the Top 7 nationally in run offense. Don't be fooled by those numbers. The QB that finally earned the starting job midway through the season, Mike Gerardi, had suffered a broken hand in spring practice. Temple turned to it's other two QB's to carry the load. Temple was still able to carry a 142.8 pass rating.

2.) What formation will Auburn line up in 2012?

Under Scot Loeffler, the Temple Owls lined up in various formations, and seemed to married to none. They used Three Tight End sets, Five WR sets, Power I. The QB's played under center and in the shotgun.

3.) What type of play caller is Scot Loeffler?

Temple is the only school Loeffler has been the OC. The Owls season averages are like this. Red Zone success 85.71% on 49 trips to the end zone they scored 42 times. With a 46.29% rate of success, on third down conversions. Temple also faced 4th down attempts 20 times with 10 successful for first downs.

4.) What kind of recruiter is our new OC?

Scot Loeffler has been known to recruit with honesty, and determination. A well respected member of the coaching fraternity, he also has the respect of the parents of the recruits he visits.

The Father of John Brantley, the Gator QB, stated one time that Scot Loeffler was an "upgrade" to Dan

Expect multiple sets, with some mixes of spread, and Power I, with a dash of everything else for good measure. Auburn fans will be more than pleased with the development of their QB's that are already on campus, and those stepping onto campus for the first time.

While at Florida, Scot Loeffler entertained and tutored numerous NFL QB's each off season. Expect to see some big names on the Plains very soon. We've got a good one folks, and it's going to be a fun ride from here.

War Eagle Scot, and we would like to welcome you and your family to the Auburn family.