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Transfer Rumors Swirl Around Dyer

Good Thursday to you. As this story goes to post, there are reports out saying that Auburn running back Michael Dyer has requested a transfer to Arkansas State. Auburn Undercover senior writer Phillip Marshall reported the story early last evening.

Since his report, there have been others disputing the story, most notably, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer reporter Joel Erickson. Speaking with Auburn and Arkansas State officials on Wednesday, Erickson said both school officials dismissed the story.

"Both an Auburn spokesman and an Arkansas State spokesman said Wednesday afternoon that they had not heard anything about Dyer, who was suspended indefinitely by the Tigers last month for a violation of team rules, filing transfer paperwork at Arkansas State," writes Erickson.

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reporter Matt Harris tweeted that the rumor about Dyer filing paperwork is "bunk."

I tend to believe Marshall. First off, he's the best Auburn beat writer in the business - maybe all time. If he writes it, he believes it. It also appears that Chizik has written off Dyer completely. I'm not sure it's Dyer wanting the transfer as much as Chizik saying to him, you need to go.

Regardless of what you hear, Gus Malzahn and Chizik remain close. Malzahn is not taking Auburn's star running back on the way out the door unless Chizik wants it to happen. I believe he's washed his hands of the young man.

You've got to love message boards. You love them not for the 90 percent of fans who are sane, but the 10 percent who are borderline crazy. Despite being a year removed from a national title and winning 30 games in three years, some Auburn fans are convinced the sky is falling.


A few in the Auburn community are panicked over Gene Chizik not hiring new coordinators within days of their openings. It was widely speculated that an announcement would come earlier this week.

Now that it hasn't, some are suggesting that Chizik is having trouble finding qualified, interested candidates. Seriously? I suggest they turn off Paul Finebaum.

Let's remind these naysayers that the Penn State job has been vacant for more than a month. Bad example? How about the Florida offensive coordinator position? I don't see Florida fans waving the white flag because Will Muschamp hasn't found a successor for Charlie Weis. What about up the road in Tuscaloosa? Let me guess, Nick Saban is just too damn busy?

Give Chizik credit. That man can keep a secret better than most anyone in the game. I've been shaking the bushes all week and I've spoken to no one who has definitive knowledge of where either search is headed. I'm guessing both positions will be filled by next Monday.

For many of you, recruiting season is every bit as entertaining as the regular season. Your time is upon us again. We'll get more into recruiting in the days ahead, but first let me give you a status report.

247 ranks Auburn as the 16th best class. has the Tigers sitting at 12th nationally. Auburn currently has 16 commitments. Among them are 10 four-star recruits and 6 three-star athletes. Auburn has no five-star commitments at this time - according to Rivals.

The top five classes looks like this ( per 1. Texas 2. Alabama 3. Michigan 4. LSU 5. Florida.

The SEC rankings look this (national ranking in parenthesis):

1. Alabama (2)
2. LSU (4)
3. Florida (5)
4. Texas A&M (9)
5. Auburn (12)
6. Tennessee (14)
7. South Carolina (19)
8. Georgia (20)
9. Vanderbilt (22)
10. Arkansas (28)
11. Miss State (31)
12. Missouri (38)
13. Ole Miss (42)
14. Kentucky (NR)