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Friday Ramblings-Bittersweet

Wow, what a week! Auburn's football team was trashed by the so called experts, only to blow Virginia away in the Chick-fil-A Bowl, Kenny Gabriel accomplished a first in AU Basketball history, coordinators on both sides of the ball are being sought, and it's only three weeks until National Signing Day. Let's do this...

National Signing Day (NSD)...

This is where we remind each of you, that we will have our annual NSD post up and running all day on February 1st, 2012. It will be my third consecutive year to bring the happenings to our loyal readers, and I am getting geared up in advance. I have extra coffee, and filters.

There are several spots to fill yet on Auburn's wish list of prospective student athletes. With 16 verbals in hand, only nine more may be signed. Who will they be? When will we know? For answers to those questions and more, tune in to Track Em Tigers on the 1st of February.

Since we are talking recruiting, 4 star defensive back Deon Bush, among many others, is set to announce his school choice during the Army All-American game this Saturday. It is my belief that he will choose Auburn, but with these kids, you never know. Keep your fingers crossed.

Odds on favorite...

Every year Caesar's Palace sets the odds on the next season's BCS champion. No less than seven SEC teams, led by LSU, are listed in the top twenty most likely to win it all next year. Auburn is 13th and a 28 to 1 pick. This season isn't completely over, and many are already looking to next season.

Beat Bama....

Last night the Auburn Women's Basketball team beat Alabama by the score of 65-55. That's the way to start 2012 off ladies. They have set the bar high for every other sports team at AU. Now it's time to get it done!

This from the AUfficial site...

"We battled so hard tonight, it was a hard-fought game," said Auburn head coach Nell Fortner. "We just could not find a rhythm for a while offensively, but little Najat came in there and did some really nice things for us. Then Hasina Muhammad and Tyrese Tanner came in and had a really nice second half for us."

Tyrese Tanner scored a career high 20 points on the road, to lead her team to victory.

PGA Tour, Here come the Tigers...

With Auburn golfer Will Claxton earning his Tour Card, Auburn is now well represented at the PGA level. Claxton fired a 10 under during the Qualifying School tournament, and finished tied for 10th, earning him a full qualification card to any and all PGA events this year.

Claxton will join former Tigers Jason Dufner, Roland Thatcher and Gary Christian on the 2012 TOUR, the most Auburn has ever had in one PGA season.

Yes, I know that I am late reporting this, I have been busy trying to find sources for my next subject.

The Search for the Holy Grail Coordinators...

By now I'm sure you know as much, if not more than I do, about how far along we are at finding out who fill the vacant spots on AU's coaching staff. Now that no less than six NFL teams have fired their coaches, and staffs, I think we may have to wait a little longer, to see just who may be available.

We have covered this, and so has every other Auburn site, and nobody knows what Coach Chizik has up his sleeve. So there you have it, nothing. Just like last week.

I can assure you, that as soon as something breaks on this, we will bring it to you ASAP. Until then, patience is the word.

Comment of the week...

What has fast become one of my favorite items on the Friday Ramblings post is the picks for the comment of the week. I can honestly tell you, it has made me pay closer attention to your posts, and it's getting more difficult to choose some weeks. So, without further wait, this weeks winner is RN4AU, with her brilliant slant on the tremendous Bowl victory over Virginia.

I was so proud of this win!

I was proud that Trotter got to finally shine. Proud the offense finally looked a little more like Auburn and the D looked a little less freshmenish…Some of those names called I still had never heard of…It just amazes me we had the season we did considering the schedule, the experience, and all the injuries and kinks to the O and D all year. We still had the hardest schedule of anyone so you can dawg us all you want… I think it was a pretty good year considering. Wish Malzahn the best and can’t wait to see what high fly’n offensive genius we are getting to replace him. As for D… I just want to see the old Auburn D I am used to… you know the one that stops people cold…
We’ll get there and in the mean time WAR EAGLE!

Lots of things to like about this post, the making up of words included. Finishing with an all caps WAR EAGLE!, never hurts either.

Sadly, we say goodbye...

Auburn's Drew Cole, a former walk on defensive back and his girlfriend were involved in a single car accident that eventually resulted in the death of Elizabeth Lauren "Libbie" Ainsworth. I would like to share with you, what I wrote...

Saying farewell to Libbie

It's extremely difficult to say goodbye to a good friend. Even more so when you are young and aren't scarred by life's ongoing, yet grinding cycle.

At 53, I have experienced, so many times the wheel that must turn. My Dad in '93, my Mother in 2006. I have lost one Brother, and two Sisters, three very close friends, and many more acquaintances. You get a little scar on your heart for each one of those. They aren't seen, they are not badges of honor, but they are there.

To Libbie's friends, all I can hope for you is God's grace, and comfort. May he strengthen you for your journey. The next few days will be filled with sadness, but the joy your friend left you with, is how she wants you to remember her.

I never knew Libbie, as her friends called her. I can honestly say that I wouldn't have known her if I passed her on a street, that only the two of us were traversing. I would have, however, responded to her "War Eagle" with one of my own. You see, I hardly ever leave home without something that shows my fondness for Auburn.

Auburn, it's the tie that binds. It's what makes us all Family. It is with that thought that I post this today. A family member has passed on to Glory, to be with her true Father in Heaven.

God speed, Libbie.

WAR EAGLE to you all, and GOD Bless.