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Post BCS Game Notes

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Not much to say for an Auburn fan following this game except to extend congratulations to Alabama for winning the 2011 BCS national championship, their second in three years and ninth consensus title--if you follow modern-day protocols, For some reason, most T-shirts you may see don't, hence a little confusion. Hey, that's still more than anyone else in the game and that's saying something.

This victory by the Tide in no way diminishes what our program needs to continue doing in the upcoming seasons. They measure you by the company you keep and our biggest rival happens to be the biggest, baddest team in college football history to date. You don't have to like it, but you can't help but respect it. Congrats to the state as a whole as we continue to demonstrate that no other takes this game as serious and tends to dominate it lately as does Sweet Home Alabama.

Some random thoughts...

You can't have a split title, even if this win ultimately didn't turn out to be as decisive until the bitter end. Alabama won the game and the crown. It's sour grapes otherwise. You can disagree with the format of the BCS but you can't fault Alabama. The BCS only wants #1 and #2, regardless of how they arrived there. Tonight's tandem were the chosen participants according the rules in place and accepted by all. Yes, they're already talking about fine-tuning the system significantly. Maybe something about not winning your conference and still being in the game--my biggest concern--should be addressed. But it won't affect anything now. They used to crown national champs before the bowl games were played back in the old days. This one is in the books forever.

Expect some major blow-back for having a rerun of a pretty boring game that was pretty boring itself until the end. The rest of the nation doesn't appreciate defense like we do in the SEC, so they will be resentful of what they just saw. There was plenty of resentment coming in already. Had high-flying Oregon or Oklahoma State made it in to take on either team, they would have been shut down un-mercifully. Leave the score-fests to the glamor bowls. SEC ball is a defensive chess match.

They'll be major flack for Les Miles in the coming days, but all will be forgiven by NSD. Les looked a little flat in his game plan, yes, but Alabama just looked very committed in theirs. Either Saban was getting his third BCS title tonight or LSU was. Looks like Saban won out. I hate to say it, but maybe the rest of the league's only shot is if Nick decides to tackle the challenges of the NFL again, but I don't see that happening. Looks like Auburn has got to go back to the drawing board. Defense would be a good start. The hiring of BVG today is a step in that direction.

I thought Gene Chizik did an excellent job in his commentary gig for ESPN. He certainly excelled over his terse counterpart, Oregon's Chip Kelly. Maybe there might be a good career move in it for Gene one day when he's done on the Plains?

I'm glad I no longer reside in the state of Alabama to fall prey to the rival blood-letting your Alabama friends may enjoy tomorrow morning in the office at your expense. Although they didn't beat us, don't underestimate their desire to use it against us. Stand tall, take the high road and congratulate them. Bite your lip if you have to.

I'm tired. Going to bed now. War Eagle and good night, all!