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Ranking the SEC: Alabama stays on top -- barely

After losing at home against Arkansas, Auburn drops to the SEC cellar.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

1. Alabama (5-0/1-0) -- The Crimson Tide are still No. 1, but South Carolina and Florida are closing in. Alabama remains on top thanks to its superior offensive and defensive statistics.

2. South Carolina (6-0/4-0) -- And now we know why Steve Spurrier was so jovial during SEC Media Days. The defense is allowing 10.5 points per game, and Marcus Lattimore looked like his old workhorse self against Georgia. This team is a national title contender.

3. Florida (5-0/4-0) -- Florida could be No. 2, but the Gamecocks' home win this week was more impressive. The Gator defense is legit, and while the offense isn't putting up outstanding numbers, it's coming through in the clutch.

4. LSU (5-1/1-1) -- The Tigahs are finding out that it's much tougher to win SEC road games than it is to beat North Texas, Washington and Idaho at home.

5. Georgia (5-1/3-1) -- Quite a clunker in Columbia, but South Carolina still has to play at LSU and Florida, and the Dawgs still have a date with the Gators. They aren't out of the East race yet.

6. Texas A&M (4-1/2-1) -- When you move from the Big 12 to the SEC, you apparently earn come-from-behind wins instead of come-from-ahead losses.

7. Mississippi State (5-0/2-0) -- Yeah, the Cowbells are 5-0, but they really haven't done anything impressive. The win over Auburn barely even counts anymore.

8. Tennessee (3-2/0-2) -- If the Vols can't win at Mississippi State, they're likely looking at an 0-5 start in SEC play. If Dooley isn't careful, he'll be butt-chugging in the Neyland parking lot before he knows it.

9. Vanderbilt (2-3/1-2) -- The Commodores' improved play finally paid off with a conference road win at Missouri. After hosting Florida next week, Vandy closes out the season with six winnable games.

10. Ole Miss (3-3/0-2) -- The Rebs blew a 10-point, fourth-quarter lead at home to A&M. Well, they still won the party, right?

11. Missouri (3-3/0-3) -- HA-ha. Hope you're enjoying your new conference home, Mizzou.

12. Kentucky (1-5/0-3) -- There's quite a bit of separation between the SEC's top 11 and its bottom three. Kentucky needs a victory against Arkansas, or it may end the year winless in SEC play.

13. Arkansas (2-4/1-2) -- Well, congrats, Hogs. Against Auburn, you looked like a real, live team.

14. Auburn (1-4/0-3) -- Good God. The roster is full of four- and five-star talent, and this is shaping up to be the worst Auburn season in a long time.