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Undercover Barner: Cop out

I told y'all last week I was amenable to posting YouTube videos in lieu of meaningful commentary. Just to show you I'm a lady of my word, this week's Undercover Barner is a little bit of a cop out.

This kid is my hero. Fight on, you orange and blue.
This kid is my hero. Fight on, you orange and blue.
Michael Chang

Full disclosure: I'm sick and stressed out. 100 percent of the grade for one of my classes happens this week, so I'm running on coffee and cold medicine. But you didn't come here to read my whining about an activity that I voluntarily undertook.

Enjoy this video of Punt 'Bama Punt while I try to come up with actual words for next week's column instead of the sighs the Georgia game inspired.

I almost linked to the championship video from 2010, but I got too mad. Such a bright future. We had so many reasons to be excited. Dang it. Dang it all.

Until next time--

To hell with Alabama, and to hell with all the rest!